Holistic, Mindful and Inclusive Pelvic Care

Receive experienced, judgement-free support for your wellbeing and transformation.

Holistic, Mindful and Inclusive Pelvic Care

Receive experienced, judgement-free support for your wellbeing and transformation.

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As an experienced physiotherapist with 30 years of experience, I am committed to sharing and empowering safe pelvic care, which is evidence based, empowering and holistic in nature. I bring my training as a yoga teacher, life coach, keynote speaker, writer and international workshop facilitator to offer you essential pelvic education including the Womankind Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training, private physiotherapy sessions, Explore and Restore the Pelvic Floor workshops and more.  Reach out for a session or feel free to enquire about one of my courses or trainings. I look forward to meeting you,



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Explore and Restore the Pelvic Floor Online Training Course. A self-paced informative and practical e-course for yoga teachers, mothers, yoga students & pregnant women.


Join Lisa for this 25hr online Womankind - Pelvic Floor & Hormone Balancing Yoga Teacher Professional Development Training.


Lisa loves to engage her audiences in heart-felt and vulnerable ways to inspire, uplift, cajole, heal, ignite and rally the hearts of people towards their fullest potential.

I'm Lisa Fitzpatrick

I’m Lisa Fitzpatrick and my mission is to provide a safe, kind, compassionate, judgement free service for you to feel empowered, supported, seen, heard and inspired towards a greater sense of pelvic wellbeing.

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spiritual business coach

Your'e in the right place if you love making a difference to others, you're committed to your mission as a coach, healer, service-provider and leader, and you've done a lot of personal and spiritual development to get to this point.

Sacred Women's Business Coaching

When more women like you tap into their inner wisdom, step into positions of self-determined leadership and create successful businesses, the feminine shift will restore balance and equality and heal our troubled world.


Sacred Women’s Business Coaching makes an unapologetic stand for spiritual women to understand how priceless and necessary their unique contributions truly are at this exciting but challenging time in history.


My vision is for a balanced world, where conscious business owners like you represent the empowered, mindful and embodied leaders of the future.


My commitment is to provide an outstanding experience of support by coaching, training, writing and speaking in the fields of embodied feminine and mindful women’s leadership, conscious business practice, women’s physiology of excellence practices, meditation and mindfulness for high-achievers, business owners and leaders.

Lisa's Coaching Programs

My unique coaching programs will support you to combine your magic with the essential pragmatic, grounded structures that are required to achieve success and longevity in your coaching or service business.

Together, we do the inner feminine based work of setting healthy boundaries around time, creating outrageously positive wealth consciousness, defining values and exploring your deep bone wisdom and calling. We balance the inward-facing feminine work with the outer masculine structures of planning and strategy to become empowered business owners.


If you’re wondering how to experience greater flow, ease, clarity, spaciousness, magnetise more divine right clients, generate a more generous income, grow your online and offline presence in an authentic way that honours your values, and make great decisions based on your unique strengths, please reach out and contact me here.

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You're In the Right Place if You Need Support to:

  • Grow your offline and online presence without causing burn-out
  • Attracting divine right clients who are perfectly matched to your services
  • Package your services and create programs that move you from survival mode to fully thriving financially in your business
  • Heal your overwhelm and burn out so that you can enjoy life-sustaining success
  • Understand the essential pragmatic and practical structures that underpin  business success
  • Become an opportunity magnet so that opportunities come knocking for you and you don’t have to engage in pushy sales and marketing methods
  • Find your sweet spot where your unique soul purpose and abundance intersect
  • Take your place as an empowered feminine leader and role model
  • Understand your own physiology of excellence so that you can lead with your own unique presence
  • Understand how mindfulness as a practice can support you to become a more powerful, productive, engaged and present leader and business owner