Your Greatest Fear

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Lovesnippet3This week I want to ask you a few pointed questions:

What are you most afraid of?

What do you really want out of life?

Have you wrapped your desires so deeply inside you that they’re slowly dying?

Has life disappointed you in some way, causing you to shrink from your desires because they have become too dangerous and painful to long for?

Embracing your Feminine desires is a right-brained, intuitive way of allowing, accepting and opening to your desires. Often, we take a masculine approach to desire which is a very logical, definitive and judgemental approach which often comes to the conclusion that it’s not logically possible for us to fulfil our desire. Being in the feminine space allows for all possibilities to exist with no limits. It’s so exciting when you can just relax and feel the relief of knowing that you don’t have to be the general manager of the universe. Just let your desires be there – with non attachment and an open heart. You are safe and the benevolent forces within and around you want you to be well looked after and deeply loved.

The strongest desires in you often indicate the soul-contract you made before you even came into being. This ‘contract’ is unique to you and your specific talents and abilities and it can be life-threatening and dangerous for your health to deny or try to suppress it. It is incredibly life-enhancing and energising to practice non-judgemental awareness of your desires by allowing them the space to exist without judgement and without squashing them down or denying them so that you can go ahead and live your gifts.

Humans are only born with one real fear: fear of falling (that’s physically falling). All our other fears come from our conditioning. All fears can be broken down to three core fears:

  1. Fear of not belonging (this has its roots deep in the primitive brain which naturally wanted to protect us from being kicked out of our tribe which would potentially put our lives at risk)
  2. Fear of not being good enough
  3. Fear of not being loved

When you feel fear rising this week, take a pause and ask yourself which of the three fears it may be indicating. Relax into the awareness that your fear is a natural response to the unknown and give thanks that your feelings are normal. Then go ahead and carry on unwrapping the gift you have to share which will have the effect of bringing your desire even closer to realisation.

Having a coach who really sees you and encourages you to see past your challenges and fears is one of the most important keys to creating the life and business you desire. Women often hold themselves back from having more freedom, time and money in their business because they are afraid of the challenges that might come from stepping into a larger role in their business, becoming more visible and becoming more accountable. This is especially typical for sensitive, conscious women who are powerful but don’t like to be forceful or masculine in growing their holistic businesses or in having more of an impact. If you would like support to breakthrough your fears in a way that allows you to also embrace your unique feminine power, contact me. I am here to help.

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