The world desperately needs a feminine shift

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The world desperately needs a feminine shift

The world desperately needs a feminine shift right now.

The world desperately needs a feminine shift right now. Human beings everywhere are stuck in struggle, high stress and hyper-drive. A beta brainwave state of being puts your nervous system into the sympathetic or stress response. This response is driven from the left side of the brain, considered to be the masculine side. We live in times where left-brain dominance is considered most desirable. Left brain qualities are logical, linear, abstract, sequential, analytical and literal in nature.

A shift to the right side of the brain puts you in the parasympathetic nervous system response, which is the feminine side of the brain. The feminine side of the brain is the creative, intuitive, empathic, dreamy and subjective. The artists, poets, writers, dreamers and intuitive of this world are right brain dominant. Big vision entrepreneurs who are courageous enough to rebel against the dominant mainframe of ideas are also right brain driven. This is where a shift is so desperately needed to heal a planet which is coming undone and awry with casualties of imbalance and inequality for both men and women.

Here are five signs you’re having a feminine shift.

When this happen, it’s natural to assume you’re a misfit or a highly sensitive empath. You could also be mislead into thinking that something is going awry. However, these signs are a perfect indicator that you’re being lead in the perfect direction for healing and for supporting resolution in an aligned direction for all beings.

1. You’re being called to take things more slowly and mindfully

A truly divine feminine practice is one where the mind is emptied. Sitting in stillness is one of the most challenging practices for busy women but can support a recharge like nothing else. It’s like plugging into a power source for the nervous system. Do it whilst breastfeeding or while the children are napping. Moving at a slower, more mindful pace allows your whole nervous system to relax. When you are truly mindful, you notice how much support you have around you and how much more beautiful the roses are when you create time to smell them.

2. You are getting clearer and fiercely protective of your non-negotiables

Your non-negotiables are those self-care practices that you cannot live without. If you can’t fit in these simple things, then your well-being will start to suffer. When self-nourishment is prioritised and practiced, it supports you to nourish everyone around her – this is the opposite of selfish. So why do so many women feel selfish in their self-care? Self-care includes simple things like getting enough water to drink each day, making sure you take some deep breaths of fresh air every day, moving your body and doing pelvic floor exercises.

3. You are less and less interested in taking a linear 9-5 role.

You’re more interested in having a varied schedule which gives you time for doing what you love as well as time for your loved ones, your children and a desirable lifestyle, rather than sitting in 9-5 traffic and being part of a rat race. You are not interested in joining the daily grind of traffic and quietly desperate people who have settled even though their hearts are quietly dying with their music still inside them.

4. You have started to remember and to express your gifts and unique talents.

Soul-nourishment comes from giving your gifts and being creatively expressed. Your unique creative expression often stems from the things you were drawn to as a child. The desire to express your passions excites and motivates you. Giving your gifts energises you rather than depletes you.

5. You’re listening to your intuition

That still small voice of wisdom which rises from the centre of your being is speaking to you always. If you’ve started paying attention and following its gentle guidance, be aware that there are many positive side effects!

Notice where the feminine shift is occurring in your life and step up to the call.  The world needs you now more than ever to be courageous and to offer the unique gifts that only you can give.

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