Why We’re All Falling Apart

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Do you know anyone who is falling apart right now?

Are you holding it all together yourself?

Or are you frequently falling apart lately too?

I understand. I get it. These are difficult times. This week I wanted to comfort you and let you know that there is an explanation for why we’re all falling apart.

This is especially so if you’re a sensitive person, a HSP, creative, intuitive, psychic, a lightworker, a healer, a visionary and/or a woman and/or man who is open to the feminine mysteries right now.

Bear with me, perhaps even grab a cuppa because I’m up for a longish rave this week.

If we look at it from the perspective of Agni Yoga, humanity is entering the new era of Satya Yuga (Light), having just left the previous era of Kali Yuga (darkness) in which the flow of cosmic fire pouring onto the Earth will intensify. If we misuse the cosmic fire of thought and feeling, we will not transmute it and the consequences are that it will instead create seismic shifts in the earth’s crust… extreme weather events…and upheaval as Mother Earth struggles to cope. We are all ultimately alchemists with a very real job to do – to transmute dark to light where possible. This means that facing the dark is absolutely necessary for our salvation.

The work of Andrew Harvey sheds such poignant light on the concept of the Dark Night of the Soul and how important it is for our salvation and how our role right now is to preserve the world through love in action.

Harvey speaks of empowered servitude, which is where we face the world head on, the cruelty, the injustice, the agony of the world and this shatters the heart open.  Detachment and serenity has been prized in the patriarchal mystical systems however this is not enough, it’s crucial that we allow ourselves to be penetrated and broken open by love.

It’s devastating to the ego to be broken open by love, as Harvey explains in his visionary book, ‘The Hope’. ‘It’s devastating also to the tidy brutalities of the false self, and to the more subtle narcissism of the prevailing one-sided visions of enlightenment, which are themselves a result of an addiction to transcendence’.

Entering a dark night of the soul means to suffer the realisation of all of humanities injustices and to allow the heart to break open and to shatter all false notions so that the purity of our vulnerability saves us and brings us to a state of sacred activism – where we are able to act with true compassion without brutality.

Mystics are addicted to ‘beingness’ and activists are addicted to ‘doingness’ but Harvey proposes that the mystic’s passion for God and the fire of the activists passion for justice need to be fused together for true wisdom and for love in action to be our dominant way of being. He proposes that the fusion of passion for God and passion for justice will heal the tragic split that we’ve all become accustomed to in modern consciousness – the split between the masculine and feminine, the body and soul, light and matter, passion and peace and inner contemplation and outer action.

Back to the question about how an ordinary person like you and I are navigating this feeling that we’re falling apart. Love in action means having a heart-shattering experience which whittles us away to our core – which is where we find ourselves most truthful and vulnerable. There is no place for ego for one who has lost a core identity and has been stripped bare – by the travails of motherhood, a nervous breakdown, a life crisis, a death or a cataclysmic illness or injury. Or even by the mere facing of life’s injustices without choosing the dull pain of unconsciousness. It’s a choice we make to be fully awake, to die on our feet instead of living on our knees.

Even if we only experience the briefest glimpses of who we truly are through the stripping away of identity beliefs and false notions of self, then it’s worth the sharp pains that a dark night of the soul causes us.

If we look at it from a simple pragmatic perspective, we are all falling apart because having it all together is part of a story that no longer serves us. It’s a myth that anyone has it all together because life demands a constant acceptance of change, of the cycles, of shift, of season, of waxing and waning and falling apart.

What I embrace about falling apart is the humility it brings.

Humility has several meanings and in this context, it means ‘a recognition and acceptance of one’s limitations and submission to divine grace.’

To me, this is an integral part of my own spiritual practice, to constantly surrender my own will to the will of divine grace for it knows how to work through me but sometimes needs to strip me down in order to move me.

A dear friend said not long ago, ‘it must be exhausting to do what you do for a living because it requires so much face.’ I had to immediately challenge this as there is never a moment when I feel that I am putting on a mask of togetherness and the moment I do, things have a habit of falling apart anyway. It is curious mystery of my own existence and maybe you can relate to this too. The moment I think I’ve got it all figured out, is the moment I cease to be open to the mystery, to curiosity, to truth’s grace.

So why are we all falling apart?

Because we’re not meant to have it all together.

We’re meant to let there be room for grief, for sorrow, for anger, for joy, for peace and for all that we are.

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  1. Peggy on June 24, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    I first discovered the whole concept of falling apart when I read Pema Chordron’s book, “When Things Fall Apart.” It was late 2002, I was new to yoga and going through a divorce that shattered my world. I’m glad it did. It was there in the moment of utter destruction that I made peace with all my pieces, and without all the kings horsemen, I put myself back together the way I wanted to. I’ve come to embrace the ebb and flow of life, the impermanence, and practice acceptance and allowing and gratitude. Falling apart made all the difference. xxoo

  2. Suzie Cheel on June 24, 2015 at 10:25 pm

    Lisa I just love the Rumi quote and it is so true. I love this post and your take on falling apart, especially that it’s okay to fall apart and that it is part of growing xx

  3. Chara on June 24, 2015 at 11:16 pm

    I’m really touched by this article, Lisa–by your words, Rumi’s words and Harvey’s ideas, and your images. I feel strengthened and nourished by your portrayal of how we stand at the mid-point between turning darkness to light, and accepting that it’s all a process of constant resolution and dissolution. This is so beautiful and I needed to read this today.

    • Lisa on July 19, 2015 at 9:41 pm

      Thanks so much Chara, I’m so heartened to hear that you were comforted by these words. Sending you many divine blessings, namaste Lisa xx

  4. Pamela on June 25, 2015 at 3:25 am

    Beautifully expressed Lisa <3 I love this '…constantly surrender my own will to the will of divine grace for it knows how to work through me but sometimes needs to strip me down in order to move me.' Touched me to my core. Thank you!

  5. Debra Reble on June 25, 2015 at 5:54 am

    We are on the same vibration with our blog posts Lisa. Thank you for giving us the permission to fall apart let go and be born again. That’s what is happening on the planet right now and it’s so important that we understand this shift in consciousness. Thank you for your bright being and being a light in the world….blessings Debra

  6. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest) on June 25, 2015 at 10:13 am

    “Room for all of it, everything is an invited guest. For everything is a guide.” Thank you, so wonderful to read this! It’s so true, and well put.


  7. Catherine on June 25, 2015 at 10:19 am

    Too true, Lisa, too true. Thanks for the reminder. It’s the leaving room bit that’s the challenge. Much love to you xxx

    • Lisa on July 19, 2015 at 9:42 pm

      thank you so much Catherine, much love to you too xx

  8. Kylian on June 26, 2015 at 7:48 am

    Thank you Lisa. I love this re-frame of falling apart. It’s perfect for me right now. I can see in myself a smaller cycle (within the larger ‘dark night of the soul’) of freaking out, reacting, resisting (my fearful ego)… held within a wiser part of myself that is ultimately softening, accepting and trusting the process of life. Ahhhh… all is well. Much love to you ♡

  9. Stacy on June 26, 2015 at 7:55 am

    Lisa, This speaks so clearly to me and my situation. I love this quote “There is no place for ego for one who has lost a core identity and has been stripped bare – by the travails of motherhood, a nervous breakdown, a life crisis, a death or a cataclysmic illness or injury.” It took me 4 years of wallowing in the pain and pity of a chronic illness and 2 more years of recognition & readjusting to crawl out of it to get where I am now. You’ve helped me to reaffirm that sometimes we have to fall apart to build back up! Thank you.

    • Lisa on July 19, 2015 at 9:41 pm

      hi Stacy, thank you so much for your acknowledgement and I really hear the courage in you. You’re amazing and it’s always so inspiring to hear a triumphant story like yours. Thanks so much for sharing, namaste, Lisa

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