When FINAO (Failure is Not an Option ) For You

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Being a conscious woman who leads with her heart and soul can create challenges.

How many times have you given of yourself so freely that you’re feeling depleted and spent?

Do you ever feel guilty for taking time out to tune into you? To see what you really need for sustenance, for nourishment and for support?

Do you ever feel like you’ve taken an unconscious vow of spiritual poverty? It’s a vow that says ‘it’s not spiritual to have a richly abundant life’.

Instead, you find yourself feeling secretly guilty for wanting (or even needing) more.

I’ll always remember the day I realised that there was nothing spiritual, loving or soulful about not being able to pay my grocery bills and put food on the table for my own children. There was nothing spiritual about constantly worrying about whether I’d be able to pay the rent. Being in an unstable rental situation had forced me and my boys to move 8 times in 8 years. Being self-employed had meant it had been nigh impossible to qualify for a loan to dig myself out of the rental market. I was caught in a cycle of feast and famine landing big contracts to support me and my children one month and then experiencing a shortage the next, constantly unsure of the future.

I have always had enormous faith in divine benevolence. I have always felt guided but I was being tested in ways that were exhausting to me. More than once, I found myself on my knees asking ‘isn’t there an easier way than this?’

I was scared, exhausted and alone. There was no one to lay fault at. It was going to come down to my own self-determination to succeed more than any other factor. FWNAO. Failure. Was. Not. An. Option.

I had been unconsciously sabotaging myself for years after branching out as a single parent. I was carrying a couple of truly unhelpful subconscious beliefs that ran a program which sounded like this:

‘All single mums are poor.’

‘It’s not spiritual to be rich.’

‘What would people think?’

I’m happy to say I have done a lot of healing around my boundaries and abundance consciousness that has enabled me to build the business of my dreams, doing what I love, with a steady flow of abundance.

I have enjoyed learning from other powerful and prosperous women who are ambassadors for healthy boundaries and purposeful prosperity.

This week I have two special gifts for you to help you with your healthy boundaries and your own prosperity.

The first is the recording of an interview with Kate Moody from Radiant Wellbeing, The Three Secrets of Feminine Success. Learn the three most important factors to have sorted in your life, to repair and restore leaky boundaries and experience true sacred feminine success in your life here:


Kate and I were determined to deliver this content to you after our initial live recording went pear-shaped due to challenges with technology. Many apologies to those of you who missed our first recording due to this glitch. We recorded an encore to make it up to you, as we feel this information is too important not to share.


~ You Are Invited to a Very Special Event ~

Join me as I interview a special guest as a gift to you and the beloved Sacred Women’s Business community.

‘Find Your Purpose and Turn it Into Prosperity – an interview with Ava Waits’

Join me on 30th April at 5pm (LA/Pacific) / 1st May at 10am  (Sydney/AEST) as I interview the extraordinary and delightful Ava Waits about how to turn your purpose into prosperity.

Have you found your purpose but aren’t sure how to turn it into a sustainable, rewarding income?

  • Do you struggle with low self-worth which leads you to undercharging for your unique service?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you over-deliver and feel burnt out because you feel like there’s not enough abundance to support you?
  • Do you feel guilty for charging money to do something you love?

Ava is going to share some juicy secrets about how to do what you love AND receive abundance.

  • How to heal your wealth consciousness
  • How to experience a ‘turning point’ in your business to start consistently turning your abundance into a positive balance
  • How to overcome the guilts and start earning the money that truly reflects your priceless contributions

Too many heart-centred entrepreneurs are struggling with their prosperity blocks.



Ava Waits supports entrepreneurs and aspiring speakers to feed the
source of their success, release financial constriction, and build a
professional life that bends to their itinerary. The same processes that
she teaches her clients were what allowed Ava to go from earning $1,200
per month in her business, to signing on over $17,000 worth of new
business in 30 days. She mentors entrepreneurial women all over the
world to create richer businesses.

As a speaker, Ava has been interviewed on television, and has been
invited to train and inspire audiences at business events, women’s
organizations, fundraisers, and financial companies. To learn more,
please visit www.AvaWaits.com.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you on the call!


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  1. Cassandra on April 29, 2014 at 10:00 am

    It’s taken me a long time to get past the guilt of wanting abundance because I was taught to see money as something bad, something that couldn’t be had unless you “paid your dues.” Sooo many women are proving that wrong and I love it! And you’re right – there’s nothing spiritual about money worry and scrambling to get by.

    • Lisa on May 3, 2014 at 5:11 am

      hi Cassandra, it’s truly heartening when I see women awakening in the way you described. I wish you immense abundance and deep joy in receiving all the goodness that is coming to you. You can catch the replay of the interview ‘Find Your Purpose and Turn it to Prosperity’ with Ava Waits here too – http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=53788233 with profound blessings to you, namaste Lisa

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