What’s It Going to Take to Get Visible?

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What’s It Going to Take to Get Visible?

How’s your week going, sweetheart? What’s it going to take for you to get visible?

get visible

Sacred Women’s Business has been busy creating new programs and serving some pretty extraordinary women this week. I marvel at the magic that happens when women finally step out of their comfort zone and claim their right to an abundant, thriving, fulfilling life and business.

Check out these wins and celebrations here:

  • A kick-ass coach who managed to attract 5 new paying clients into her coaching business from one FB live video
  • A fertility and pregnancy support acupuncturist who pressed publish on her new and gorgeous website and managed to book her acupuncture practice solid from one simple strategy – this strategy was her idea and she stepped up and played it big time (see our star client of the week below).
  • A health coach who created and defined her new high-end coaching package and is upgrading her prices for a first class, self-determined life.

These women all felt the fear that comes from stepping beyond their comfort zone. Yet they went ahead, fear and all, and took inspired action.

The truth is that coaching with Sacred Women’s Business Coaching is not the reason for their success.

It’s true that coaching supported them to own that small, still and quiet voice that was brave enough to admit that they wanted to step up in their own way. It is certainly a safe place to admit to big dreams and to be held accountable for following them through.

What really made the difference for these women (and always does for any service business to fully ‘make it’ in business) are the following things:

I.              The willingness to get visible, vulnerable and uncomfortable. This means posting that FB live or getting in front of an audience. It means to stop hiding your divine talents and gifts and to finally own them. It means showing up, even when it feels challenging to do so.

II.           A clear and compelling package – your process needs to be wrapped in a signature program that creates some form of attractive and compelling transformation for your clients.

III.         A commitment to your dharma – you have got a sacred contract. I know this sounds woo-woo but I truly believe you made a promise (I call it your covenant), to do something special with your one precious human life. Find that thing. If you’re not sure what it is, find a soul purpose coach who can help you uncover your buried treasure. Once you find it, you’ll never work another day in your life.

This week, I wanted to share with you that I have partnered with my colleague, Penny Norkett, best-selling author of “100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening and Empowerment,” founder of Claiming Your Brilliance Facebook Group, and Empowerment Coach & Success Strategist to provide you with an opportunity to share your message.

Starting today, you are invited to participate in a 3-Day Confidence & Visibility Challenge called “Let’s Get Visible”.

*    You’ll gain the confidence you already have deep inside you, to showcase yourself as the expert in your field.

*    You’ll learn how to tackle those fears, so you can get visible and LAND clients!

*   You’ll forget what it was like to hide behind the scenes – you’ll be the ONE in the spotlight!

We all have unique gifts to share. Playing small is not helping anyone. I loved the fact that one small voice can have such a huge impact. Together we can change the world.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach or small business owner and have a message to share, please join the 3-Day Visibility Challenge.

Click HERE to join us! 

This is the push you have been waiting for to get your message heard. Join like-minded women as we share our stories, move past our fear and gain confidence to share our gifts to improve other’s lives. Someone is searching right now for a solution that you have the answer for – Make it easy for them to find you – Join the 3-Day Visibility Challenge today! 

PS:  Here’s another sure way to increase and expand your business for free. Have you picked up your amazing free resource for every woman in business yet?

It’s called 5 Things Every Small Business Owner can Fix on their Website in the Next Week to Increase Local Traffic.
PPS:  You can watch our awesome video interview with the amazing owner of Studio Barn Creative to find out more ways to expand your business here.
get visible


Our star client of the week, Elissa Pelling, is the goddess of fertility and pregnancy acupuncture. Elissa has recently upgraded and published her new website, courtesy of the amazing Kari Turbeville from Studio Barn Creative. Elissa has a special gift for simplifying the complex journey of making and keeping babies. She is a Sacred Women’s Business kindred and we are so excited for all those lucky mothers and aspiring mothers of the world who would like support for the most important rite of passage they’ll ever undertake. Check out Elissa’s gorgeous new website here and be sure to sign up for her insightful and intelligent updates: ElissaPelling.com.au

Elissa Pelling

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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