What We Resist Persists

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01My clients are wise, conscious and deeply aware beings. They make my role as a coach so fulfilling, rewarding and rich. I honestly feel as though I have the most privileged and best job on the planet being able to show women around the world ways in which they are a unique, special and vital contribution to a greater whole. Deep down, many of my clients are aware of their life purpose. They know what would constitute their most fulfilling, joyous and holistically wealthy way of being in the world. They may have simply temporarily lost sight of their own brilliance and need to be gently reminded of it. They may have hit a stumbling block or a resistance and they need a helping hand to reconnect with their unique genius.

This week I want to fully acknowledge you for being here. Thanks for being an old soul, an evolving soul, a soul with a deep sense of purpose. Life matters to you. This sometimes means that life can sometimes be excruciatingly painful because it truly does matter to you how you spend your time here. You have a strong mission to fulfill, a sense of destiny which is asking you to step more fully into being who you truly are for a long time. You care deeply about your business, about people and about the details of your life. The irony is, because you care so much, it can be difficult to make simple decisions and stay buoyant when challenges arise.

Whenever we are presented with something that repeats itself in our lives, we have been given free will to take action and change it or to decide to remain where we are. The repetition of a thought, feeling or challenging situation is usually an opportunity for healing, resolution and growth in a new direction. Sometimes, it’s not the thought or experience that is causing pain, it is the resistance to the thought or feeling. My coaching process is not for the faint of heart. I hold a strong line for my clients which requires honesty, commitment and resolution to do whatever it takes to see resistance for what it is and what it is asking you to heal. I know what it takes for you to have an authentic, meaningful, holistically sustainable and abundant life and business. This week I’m inviting you to come coach with me and breakthrough your resistances. Join my 90 day program to commit to your Divine Feminine Purpose and unique Leadership style. Book in for your free discovery session to find out more.

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