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How are you going dearest one?

Did you know that you are loved, appreciated, cherished and considered to be priceless as part of my beloved Sacred Women’s Business community? Did you know that your life, your business and your mission matters?

If you’ve been toiling away and if it sometimes feels as though no one is noticing how much you care about getting your work in the world, please know that I care.

I have a big heart, I love what you’re doing in your service based business and I know that you are so capable of bringing your vision to life. I get glimpses all the time of the gloriousness of my client’s vision for their businesses, and I hold you, always in the highest version of yourself.

That’s why I wake up in the morning and look forward to each and every day that I get to spend with my clients, because we are kindreds. I know you are an old soul with a yearning to leave your contribution and a constant desire to expand your life. It’s natural, dear one, to want to expand your reach, to grow your abundance, to cultivate more you.

You never have to apologise for wanting to be more of who you truly are, for desiring a more abundant, richer, more fulfilling and more you expression of your life.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting upon my mission and there have been some incredible opportunities presenting themselves that deep down, I know were a part of my intentions. Sacred Women’s Business is in a growth phase, there have been days when I’ve been flying so high (by the seat of my pants) that I have had to check that my wingspan is going to keep me in the air.

It’s been an exhilarating but terrifying time.

A time of action-taking and great diversity at Sacred Women’s Business.

Whilst it might look like I know what I’m doing in the photos, each and every time I step up to do something new, I am every bit as challenged as ever to believe in my heart that I’m capable.

This week I’m celebrating the release of the kobo, kindle and iBook version of Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women

‘It’s a small yet potent love letter wrapped in an awesome cover created by my favourite artist Belinda Paton, sealed for all the women in service-based business out there.

‘Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women’ is for soulful women in business, who are seeking respite from the overwhelm.

Conscious, evolutionary women in service businesses have specific needs, wants and desires. We want to make our significant contributions without suffering from burn out. We want to revel in our abundance but not sell our souls. We want to stay on purpose and go all out to live to our full potential. We want to honour our soul purpose agreements to give our gifts generously. We have families and loved ones to take care of through our businesses too.

Falling in love with your business means waking up every morning to do what you love doing best.

This book shows you exactly where you need to focus.

Find out more HERE!

This week, I have 10 free e-copies of my book to giveaway in exchange for a small favour.  All you have to do for your free copy, is to write a review on Amazon within 4 weeks.

The review that resonates the most with me, will go into the draw to win a free 2hr coaching intensive with me, worth $295.

To get your copy, just send an email to sacredwomensbusiness@yahoo.com.au with the title ‘Yes please’ and let me know if you’d like a pdf copy or an iBook for your iPad.

I believe in you!

P.S. would you prefer to pick up a copy instead? You can buy one here!



Sacred Women’s Business has just had another speaking gig, this time speaking to an intimate audience at the Living and Wellness Pavilion of the 2015 Lismore Show about my new book. It was wonderful to share the event with the girls from Dirty Laundry, an initiative to expose the all-too-common reality of domestic violence and Anne Noonan, a health coach who specialises in helping women regain their youthfulness and vitality in mid-life.

When I did ‘Pursue Your Passion’ in February this year, the beautiful Shelley Craft offered me a handy tip – to rest the mike on your chin lightly. It’s really served me well because it helps with the most important speaker’s body language imperative that good speakers need to master – which is keeping the body as still and making all movements as purposeful as possible.

If you watch a powerful speaker, they’ll only use the most purposeful actions with their hands and body. There are no extraneous and unpredictable moves being thrown in. These have the effect of distracting from your message as a speaker.

During my training in public speaking, we were instructed to deliver with our arms by our sides, motionless, for the first 2 days. It’s nigh impossible, until it’s practiced and becomes normal. We were then trained to bring strategic moves in with our hands.

I’ve had the luxury of training a number of speakers through my ‘Find Your Voice’ coaching package, which specialises in public speaking, creating memorable speeches, making an impact on your audience and understanding what makes the most powerful presence.

Book a discovery call to find out more, especially if you have a speech coming up, need to deliver a workshop or even a speech at a wedding. If you’re unsure whether your nerves can take it, let me help you with all angles to make it your finest hour!

Book your complimentary chat here

Alongside my fellow presenter Anne Noonan, and
lovely friend and moral support Anna Watts.

with Anne Noonan

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