Unstoppable Coach Podcast – Not What You Should Be Doing

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Unstoppable Coach Podcast

This week I was honoured to appear on the fabulous Unstoppable Coach podcast with Milette Jones where we dissected exactly what it takes to be sustainable in a coaching business.

I’m all for an organic, slow cook approach to business.

My nervous system is too sensitive to cope with massive quantum leaps and meteoric fluctuations. I am so happy to say that my coaching business has grown at a pace that I am feeling happy to navigate and expand alongside. My resilience has often been tested – which is to be expected when you’re constantly challenging your comfort zones – but I’m in it for the long haul.

I hear so many clients use the word ‘should’ when they’re speaking about growing their business. ‘I should be on social media more.’ ‘I should be writing a book’. ‘I should be more visible’.  The problem is that ‘should’ isn’t a very motivating, expansive or exciting place to operate a business from.

We are so much more powerful and motivated when we come from a place of aligned desire – desire that is aligned to our genius zones. ‘I love to write, therefore a book feels like it would bring more joy to my business’ is a far more motivating understanding than a ‘should’.

Often when we use the word ‘should’ we’re operating from a place of outside influence – we heard from someone else that we should do something in our business. Our business thrive from an internally motivated place, that is, when we reflect within instead of without, we create our own trajectory of joy-filled and genius-aligned momentum. It’s the most thrilling way to create opportunity.

There’s no greater gift than the freedom to self-determine our own path – it’s the road less travelled and one that takes enormous courage. What will it take you to drop the word should today!

I’ve seen too many coaches burning themselves out and I am passionate about supporting my clients to do this thing the feminine way.

Have Questions About Becoming an Unstoppable Force in Your Business?

If you have questions about becoming an unstoppable force in your business, or how to get started, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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