Louise Hay – Writer and Empire Builder: A Tribute

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Louise Hay – Writer / Publisher: A Tribute

You may have heard that one of my earliest mentors, Louise Hay , passed away recently at the age of 90. Her book You Can Heal Your Life was the first self-help book that I ever read, along with Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualisation. I credit Louise Hay for starting me on the mind-body wellness journey. I seriously doubt I’d be doing the work that I’m currently doing today if it weren’t for her incredible legacy.

Louise Hay

Can you believe Louise Hay was 50 when her first book was published? What a phenomenal success it was too.

Can you imagine the stigma she would have faced, as a woman, claiming that affirmations could heal, in the face of the medical establishment circa the 1980s? I have no doubt she would have been called to face off and stare down the naysayers and critics to ensure her best work was birthed in the world. What a revolutionary she was.

Building an Empire

Then at the age of 70, Louise Hay birthed her publishing empire, Hay House, which has been behind some of the most interesting, disruptive, exciting, inspiring and evolved writers and revolutionaries of our time!

I’ll never forget watching Louise Hay speak at an event in Brisbane in the late 1990s. She had an ageless grace that was clearly strengthened by her ability to channel her message. Imagine the satya graha or soul force energy and truth that she has transmitted as her legacy for the betterment of all beings. It took courage, it took a gutsy and fierce determination and most of all, it took so much love for her to leave the ripple effects of her work.

You can learn more about Louise here.

And That Brings Me To You, Dear One

I have been in discussion with so many of you recently, whether you’ve been reaching out for coaching, on the coaching journey with me or booking in for your discovery sessions and intensives.

There are consistent themes and questions that emerge from you all as you realize your potential in the world.

Who am I to have this calling?

How will I be heard above the white noise?

How could I make a difference anyway?

Does the fear cripple others like it does me?

What will people think if I go for it?

The thing is, most of you are rebellious and you’re not afraid to think outside the square. This compounds the fear. It means that not only are you building a business and legacy that is not mainstream but you are also on the leading cusp or leading edge of your message. It takes genuine courage to lead others to new levels of understanding and truth.

Make Strides, Don’t Believe the Lies

The world is aching under the weight of so many lies – the lies of white supremacy, the lies of material success, the lies that there is genuine justice and equality for the disenfranchised.

For you to speak your truth in this world of lies, dear one, takes so much courage.

But do not lose heart.  Heart comes from the French word cor meaning courage.

Be in the strength of your heart and never trust the lies that the mind/ego will tell you to make you play small, hide from your significant message and sacrifice or sabotage your own precious gifts.

Remember that women like Louise Hay, Jean Houston, Oprah and Marianne have already made some incredible strides that will make it easier for you than it was for them. Think of their struggles as being trail-blazing ones that made your path a little less arduous.

And stay with me. I’ve got your back.

I believe in you.

I love what you stand for.

I’m here for you always – it is my life’s work to show up for you.

I know that it gets hard sometimes, frustrating, frightening and arduous.

I stand in the centre of my own heart to show up for you even in the face of my own fear-storms and mind-bending self-doubt, and it is an honour and a privilege for me to do so.

What’s In Store for Sacred Women’s Business

I’ve been super busy with an extra busy mind these past months. So to slip into the care of a true master, Associate Professor Craig Hassed, to practice mindfulness techniques, was a treat beyond measure. I have never had the privilege of sitting with a more skillful facilitator. Imagine mindfulness meditation practices followed by fresh, organic vegan meals grown in the gorgeous gardens on site and long walks around the acreage.

I came back feeling completely inspired with my cup overflowing with ideas about what’s in store for you from Sacred Women’s Business next, my lovelies.

Now I write to you from the air on my way to Melbourne to speak at the Mummy Guilt charity event at the Essendon Bar. As you know, I’ve been promoting this gig for some time.

Mummy guilt has threatened to consume me and eat me alive and I feel like I have so much to say about this one! It won’t be easy to condense it into a ten-minute speech that’s for sure (my palm cards are full!).

My lovely man, Daz, managed to come with me. Although he wasn’t able to sit on the seat next to me on the plane, he was able to get the seat behind me. I am feeling so supported. For the first time in years, I’m leaning into the masculine and feeling the difference that it makes when you know that someone literally has your back. Him getting a seat behind me on the plane is truly meant to be even though he’s being super annoying on purpose. Ha ha.

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