Time is Running Out {Less than a week to go}

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There’s less than a week to go until Balancing the Busy!

I’ve been busy preparing my talk this week.

It’s been confronting in a lot of ways because I’ve realised that to do justice to my talk on ‘Career Fulfilment as a Path to Wellness’ I need to get personal about what makes me so passionate about women’s empowerment.

Did you know that sometimes your greatest glory comes from exposing some of your most shameful, icky, uncomfortable experiences?

Did you know that it’s these experiences that make you unique and unlike anyone else who has ever walked the earth?

And at the same time, there’s a paradox at work, because as well as making you unique, these experiences also make you relatable, human and connect you to others.

Who doesn’t love to fulfil their value of connection?

I’ve still got a way to go until my speech is done, but you’ll find me practicing it over and over this week until I’m ready for the big day next Saturday 10th.

Why don’t you come join me?

There are still some tickets left at


is a Covergirl on OH!

We are in celebration mode here at the Ausmumpreneur Awards. You can see me peering from behind the extraordinary grand winner Ausmumpreneur 2015 Monica Meldrum of Whole Kids. It was a real highlight of 2015 being part of something so completely kindred. How does it get any better than a room full of smart, savvy women who know exactly what it means to be juggling motherhood with business? I have ridden a wave of powerful and potent energy from the massive dose of inspiration I received from the award weekend.  Following the awards, Sacred Women’s Business has done her best month EVER in business this month too. It just goes to show that getting out of your comfort zone (and this was certainly it for me) and getting visible are two of the most powerful ways to attract abundance. Try it sometime and see what happens to your biz!

p.s. I’ve dedicated an entire section of my latest book Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women to the West Pole of your business. It’s that part of your business that supports you to experience greater levels of abundance and holistic wealth success. Pick up your copy here!


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