Three Steps to Overcome Fear

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Has fear been stopping you from moving forward?

A lot of my clients speak of fear being the one thing that stops them.

Fear of being seen, and judged.

Fear of failure and their venture being a flop.

Fear of embarrassment or humiliation.

Fear of what other people think.

Last year was a year of terrifying proportions for me personally and professionally.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and realised one thing about fear.

It will always be there.

New level, new devil.

Slay the dragons at this stage and the next one will have dragons of a different kind.

The only thing of importance is the fact that I will get better at cultivating a healthy relationship with fear and at seeing it as a part of the process especially when I’m stepping beyond the familiar. It helps to see it as a healthy, protective mechanism which serves the purpose of keeping me safe.

This week I’m giving you the three step process that I use for overcoming and facing fear.

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Remember, love always conquers fear.

So if you’re unsure of your next move, ask the question – ‘what would love do?



Fear is a pure emotion which can serve the helpful purpose of stopping you from doing something that might jeopardise your safety or wellbeing. However, when fear is stopping you from rising into your full power as a woman, it’s time to work through it and come out the other side with a mighty lioness roar of triumph.

Here is the three step process I love to use at Sacred Women’s Business to face my fears.

  1. Identify what you’re most afraid of.

Get really clear about what the monster looks like. The monster under the bed often looks like a cute furry toy when you bring it into the light.

Is your fear based on a valid concern – for example, if you invest in something you’re unsure about, could you lose money that you can’t afford to lose? How much exactly would you lose? Would it be worth it, win or lose, for what you might gain?

Or is it based on a more irrational concern – for example, if you write a successful best selling book, would you have to leave your old life and loved ones behind?

Get clear on the fear and whether it’s rational or not to help you decide whether it’s a monster worth tackling or backing away from, or a cute furry mouse worth thanking for its attention. Then choose to feel the fear and do it anyway.

  1. Ask what it’s costing you

Fear comes at a price.

Sometimes it’s costing you the completion of a project that could potentially help millions.

Sometimes it’s costing self esteem, connection, creative expression or a sense of being true to yourself.

Sometimes it’s costing you vital income.

Get clear on the actual cost and make a decision about whether it’s worth proceeding. The cost is often not worth the petrifying heebee jeebees that come with benefits that far outweight the alternative.

Ask the question – what will life look like in 6 months time if I let fear stop me? If the thought of things looking the same fills you with desperation, what have you got to lose other than your current reality?

  1. Decide what you would be / do / have if it wasn’t there

One of my favourite coaching questions to ask is, ‘what would you do if you had no fear?’

Who would you be, what would you do and what would you have if you were the fearless heroine of your own fairy tale or Great Life Story?

Many women stop themselves from dreaming big, from claiming desire, from honouring their big vision ideals.

Many women are afraid of their own power.

Remove the fear and often you’ll uncover an extraordinary vision, a mission with a purpose and a faith in benevolence to guide you.

Take away the fear and notice how the brazen warrior goddess is quick to want to help and inspire others and be her altruistic self.

Get really clear on what you’re moving towards so that you can become magnetic to your desires. Knowing your end result will help you keep your eye on the prize. On your own private journey of entrepreneurship and the heroine’s journey, you don’t look left and you don’t look right. You don’t compare yourself to others. What you focus on expands, so keep your eyes on the vision and channel your focus towards it regularly and consciously.

The feminine path is one which has a deep internal focus and is less concerned with external results, and more concerned with the internal rewards. The rewards of deep fulfilment, satisfaction, reaching your potential, being true to yourself, being a significant contribution to the world and feeling joyous are side effects of your valour. Time to stare your fear down and stand strong in your desires dear heart!


This week’s star client is the sparkling goddess of horses and writer extraordinaire, Shirley Everingham.

Not only does Shirley provide an exceptionally caring service for horses requiring adjustment in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia, she is also giving a voice to rural women and horse-lovers throughout Australia and the world through her blogs and writerly talents.

Check out this awe-inspiring woman’s work here and expect some amazing things to spring forward from this space in 2016.

Shirley Everingham


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