Three Signs of an {Enlightened} Business. Do You Have One?

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I hope you’re having a wonderful start to June. Wow we’re almost halfway through 2014 already. I sincerely hope your year has been unfolding with beauty, grace and lightness of being. I trust your business is sustaining you, and if not, it might be time to have an enlightened business check-up.

Sacred Women’s Business makes a stand for conscious women in sustainable businesses. Running a business can be like running a marathon sometimes but when we come from a feminine place that nurtures and sustains you, it can be the best leadership and self-determination process you’ll ever undertake. Running a business from your feminine means honouring your body’s natural cycles of productivity and rest and understanding how inextricably these are linked to your business cycles. It also means taking inspired action in the direction of your soul purpose. This is not always the easy path to take because the road is not always clear on the heroine’s journey. It can be hard to see more than a few steps in front when you are delving into the feminine mysteries.

This week’s article is about three signs that reflect an awakened business. There are many more, but these are juicy ones that support you to feel healthy, healed and whole-hearted as you go about working on and inside your business.

Three Signs of an {Enlightened} Business

1. It’s an Extension of Your Soul Purpose

When your business is an extension of your soul purpose, it means that the core business activities you are undertaking compliment and utilise your unique skill-set, gifts, talents and your genius zone. This ultimately supports you to realise your full potential and live your most purposeful and satisfying life. You become an inspiration to others and this awakens and activates their potential in the process. It’s a win-win for humanity and the planet, because as you awaken your own potential, the ripples of goodness spread to your local community, across the countryside and around the globe.

2. It Serves a Greater Purpose

One thing I love about enlightened and awakened businesses is that they serve a greater good in ways that are important to their owners. For example, one of my clients is building her business as a legacy for her niece, who passed away young through cancer. I have no doubt that my rock star client has progressed due to the driving force she has to honour her niece’s life and in turn, give generously to causes that support sick children and children in need. I have another client who has a driving motivation in her business to create a foundation in memory of her brother, which will also support people in need.

Sacred Women’s Business is proud to support Wellwishers, an organisation which provides clean drinking water by establishing wells in Ethiopia so that women and children no longer have to walk several kilometres everyday for basic water supplies. My business also supports a World Vision project which rescues, supports and provides safe shelter for the victims of the global child-sex slavery trade. I also donate to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, The Stroke Foundation, RSPCA and other groups that represent causes I am passionate about.

The other way your business may serve a greater purpose is through healing, supporting, inspiring, touching and igniting others through the service you offer. Every client who is currently coaching with me has an incredibly positive role to play towards serving the greater good. My clients apply to coach with me as they must be a good fit for the Sacred Women’s Business ethos which stands for: providing positive effects such as healing, transformation, yoga or service in the world, serving others with a commitment to greater awareness and consciousness and adding value to the world.

3. It Focuses on the Other

It’s all about the clients it serves. Your business doesn’t succumb to constant self-absorption and self-focus as it is too busy serving the people who come through its doors. An enlightened business understands that too much intense navel-gazing can result in self-doubt, introspection and the inability to see other people’s points of view. Whilst some attention and prioritisation to self-care is absolutely necessary, self-focus and care are intended as a tool for creating sustenance and sustainability to best serve others. The real delight and fuel in the business comes from creating the results and the outcome for those you serve. The focus on serving others generates its own success as people feel heard, supported and loved.

Your Enlightened Business has its own heartbeat which beats in accordance with your values so that you can feel in harmony, alignment and flow with your greater mission. If you’re feeling like your heartbeat is out of time with your business, check in with the above three points and see if they’re true for you and ask how you can re-adjust course so that they fit for you.

Lisa Fitzpatrick


  1. Jeanette on June 17, 2014 at 12:43 am

    Once again Lisa, you’ve nailed it xo

    • Lisa Fitzpatrick on June 26, 2014 at 3:26 am

      hi Jeanette, thanks so much for stopping by. It’s awesome to see you here – your business being one of the most enlightened ones I have the pleasure of knowing! Much love, Lisa xx

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