Three Habits that Define You {as a New Feminine Leader}

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If you’ve been attracted to Sacred Women’s Business, then you are most likely a conscious, open, courageous and strong-willed woman who has experienced a rich, varied and sometimes out-of-the ordinary life. You may be sensitive to energy, so the idea of being a leader can be daunting to you. You’re not sure if you have what it takes to lead others. However, you are being called – to lead your business, to lead your life and to lead your loved ones.

Whether it is due to divorce, a change in your life circumstances, you’ve been hearing the whispers for a while or you are facing a new beginning, it’s time for you to step up. Seriously. You can only refuse the heroine’s call for so long, then it’ll start to impact your health, wealth, spiritual well-being and soul’s journey. Listen to the calling inside your own heart. It will never lead you astray.

This week’s article is about the three habits that define you as a New Feminine Leader. New Feminine Leaders are going to heal the planet. They are going to shift the planet on its axis as the patriarchal structures crumble. Women are going to gather together, collaborate, co-create and consciously sing in a new world order that is sustainable and based on equality for all.

It’s time to hear the call.

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You can start your leadership first in your own life if you don’t already have an established business. If your business is currently an expensive hobby, the three habits that define you as a leader can support you to create more viability and abundance. If your business is already supporting you and your family, you might embrace the idea that you are at the forefront of a new wave of entrepreneurs that will lead us towards a world that is more healthy, vital, balanced, alive and aware.

Three Habits that Define You
{as a New Feminine Leader}

1. Powerful Questioning

Leaders ask powerful questions. They have an insatiable curiosity which keeps them open to life. Feminine Leaders are able to understand multiple perspectives at one convergent moment in time. They frame questions in positive ways that lead them to a positive outcome. For example, instead of asking ‘why is this so hard?’ they’ll ask ‘how can I make this easier to manage?’ They love complexity because they know that even if they break things down to smaller parts, it’s the large, unwieldy, unmanageable aspects of life that opens them up to mystery and new possibility. This ability to accept and live in the mystery is part of the New Feminine Leader’s power.

2. Accepting Mistakes

They know they’re not perfect but they still go ahead and do the work anyway. Sometimes they’re far from perfect but they accept imperfection in themselves because they know that when they do, they’re far more capable of accepting imperfection in others. They also know that if they let imperfection stop them, then they’d never get their work out into the world. They forge ahead, even when things are far from perfect, because they know that there is immense beauty in imperfection. They make mistakes, fall down, cry and get hurt just like anyone else, but they choose to lead their business anyway because it means far more to them to offer their contributions than a mistake ever will. When they become discouraged, they know it is temporary and that every great leader will experience cycles of ups and downs. They never give up. They believe they can learn, adapt and change to improve at every turn and that every mistake leads them a step closer to succeeding. They understand that although they still suffer, face challenges and experience ups and downs, they are entitled to be the best version of themselves and that it’s not realistic to be invincible. It’s more important for them to be real than it is to be a false version of themselves.

3. They Support Others to Shine

The New Feminine Leader is at her best when she has created an expansive, supportive environment that helps other people to expand into being more of who they truly are. They boost, compliment, inspire, ignite, support greatness in others because there is no fear or competition in the new feminine order they are creating. They know that everyone has their own unique path to tread so they also know that their perspective is one of many. They are able to hold space for intangible, emotional, messy, vague and inconvenient aspects of humanity and not let this derail them. Instead, they are determined on focusing upon supporting others at being the best they can be.

New Feminine Leaders aren’t afraid of their vulnerability or exposing their beginner mind by asking heaps of powerful questions. They are aware of their own limitations but eager to change them and expand on their knowledge and understanding. Most importantly, they see the potential in others and support them to be more of who they truly are at their core – magnificent, limitless and potent – hence others become a reflection of their own inner truth. 

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