They Stole Your Dreams

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Do you remember when you were a little girl having big dreams about anything being possible? You were so certain that you were special and that you had a magnificent purpose for your life. You were gifted, you knew cool things other people didn’t know. When you grew up, you were going to Be Someone. Then the doubt crept in. People said things. Teachers marked your reports with Bs, Cs, maybe even a few Ds. You lost faith. The education system didn’t understand you. Perhaps you were too unique. Perhaps you felt like you were too different to others so you pulled yourself inward and stayed inside the box that others made for you. It felt safer there. Little-by-little, you gave up on the big dreams and settled for some mediocre ones just so you could fit in. Little-by-little, you felt like you were settling for a life of quiet desperation. You even gave up on some of your deepest dreams because you wanted to do what everyone else expected of you. You got married, had kids and did what you felt was the ‘done’ thing. Your heart felt little by like you had betrayed her. Your logic explained that you had no other choice.

Now you’re wondering if you’ve left things a tad too long. You’re wondering if too much time has lapsed between the dreams you had and real life. Perhaps you’ve given up expressing your desires out loud because it’s too painful to imagine they might not be possible for you.

I’ve got such good news for you dear one. There’s never been a better time for women like you. Now is absolutely the perfect timing for you. Right now, the world needs innovators. The world needs shamanic healers, visionaries, creatives, midwives to babies and dreams, writers, artists, conscious entrepreneurs and women who are able to holler and yodel and finally speak up for what they believe in. The divine feminine is rising, She who embraces the irrational, She who believes in magic, she who intuits and heals and envisions a better world. Due to the incredible phenomenon of cyberspace, you can even set up your dream business from the comfort of home whilst raising your babies and set your own hours and fire your boss. You can be yourself, and still be economically supported with the abundance you bring in from being true to yourself, from serving others from your heart. It’s absolutely possible, and it’s your right to be provided for, to have a life you love and to choose work you love.

I’m not going to get all Pollyanna and say that life is a breeze when you’re 10 months pregnant with so many creative ideas that you don’t know what to do with them. I know you’re busy. You’re overloaded with information. The last thing you need is more pressure to birth your vision for your life.

What you need is some hand-holding to map out your vision. You need someone who can really see you. You need to be held in a container of truth which honours you at your very essence and mirrors who you truly are. You need to be able to find your voice. This is the voice that’s been dying inside you. This is the voice that’s been crying out to be heard. When you connect to this truth inside you and really own it, something miraculous happens. You become the leader of your life and the master of your destiny. You become a beacon of inspiration to others and a light for the world. Natural abundance starts showing up to support you in your quest. You start to notice that you’re absolutely 100% safe to wander off the beaten track because your unique path is a road less travelled and it’s also a road most satisfying. You can do it! If I can, you can.

This week I encourage you to find your voice and let her out! This week I’m inviting you to a complimentary Find Your Voice coaching session.  Book your space here:


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