There’s Still Time to Shine, Creative and Soulful Entrepreneurs {Open for Your Last Chance}

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There’s not long to go before the Artful Business Conference in Melbourne. I’m so excited to be speaking alongside some of the amazing women I’ve been following online for a while. The best thing of all, is that I haven’t met many of them in person. It’ll be so lovely to give them a good real-person hug after connecting in the online space for so long. You can also attend virtually if you can’t make it in person.

There’s also still time (but not long now) for you to join the e-Course Launch formula. Remember, this is the same eCourse I used to help create and release my Heart Your life eCourse. I can personally attest to Kathryn Hocking’s eCourse Launch formula being the most comprehensive, insightful and well-rounded program available for you if you’re ready to create a passive income stream through launching an eCourse.

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Come and check out the latest Ausmumpreneur magazine here.  Sacred Women’s Business is proud to have an article on pages 32-33 of the magazine this month!

Understanding and Trusting Your Business Compass  Do you know that every woman has an internal GPS system? Think of it like your own personal compass which will guide you intuitively when it comes to making the right business decisions.

Learn more from my  article on the Ausmumpreneur blog hereIf you’d like to join the Ausmumpreneur network and be a part of the May 2016 Get Visible and Vulnerable Challenge, I’d love to see you there.

It’s not too late to join and I’m giving away free copies of my book ‘Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women’ for those of you brave enough to share your visibility and vulnerability.

More about the Artful Business Conference for Creatives and Consultants in Business…

Sacred Women’s Business is so looking forward to being a keynote and workshop presenter at this year’s Artful Business conference.

This event is a business conference with a difference. It focuses on creating, building and maintaining a creative business in an artful and authentic way. It’s a business conference for the non-business minds, for the heart-centred entrepreneurs and for the right-brainers amongst us.

Let’s face it, so many of us spiritual entrepreneurs fit into this category right?

The Artful Business Conference is a 2-day conference which will be hosted in Melbourne.

28th & 29th May
Rydges Hotel
Melbourne City

If you are a small business owner who thinks outside the box, a creative, an entrepreneur, if you know you have something wonderful to offer the world, then this event is for you!

Make sure you come and say “Hi”. You can attend virtually if you can’t make it in person. For all of the juicy details visit:

Lisa Fitzpatrick is the go-to coach for high-achieving, spiritual, entrepreneurial women who would like to gain greater visibility and share their message with a wider audience. She is a specialist in sustainable business practices and loves supporting women to grow their online and offline presence.

As a best-selling author and founder of Sacred Women’s Business, Lisa believes that when women tap into their feminine wisdom, the feminine shift restores balance and equality and helps to heal our troubled world.

She recently published her book Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women which was recommended as one the top ten inspiring books for December 2015 in the Aspire magazine.

Lisa is also a contributing author to the best-selling books Manifesting in High Heels – secret rituals to achieve success and The Nurtured Woman’s Book Series.

In her coaching work, Lisa supports coaches, yoga teachers, spiritual teachers, writers, women with a big vision and women in service-based businesses to engage their business mojo – that sweet spot where soul purpose, creative expression and abundance meet. Lisa also loves helping women to heal overwhelm and burn-out so that they can become the leading ladies of their lives and businesses and so that they can enjoy holistic and life-sustaining success.

Sacred Women’s Business was a finalist in two categories of the 2015 Ausmumpreneur Awards for Service Business and Emerging Business and won a bronze in the Service Business category. Sacred Women’s Business makes a fierce stand for high achieving, conscious women to tap into their feminine wisdom and find their leading edge. Using a combination of soul purpose coaching and pragmatic biz smarts, women are supported to dream big and reach for their full potential. Sacred Women’s Business has been privileged to coach dozens of extraordinary women to grow their online and offline presence and shine in business.

Lisa believes that spiritually aware women who are prepared to do the inner and outer work of realising their life purpose will heal the world and support a feminine shift towards greater balance and equality for all beings. The more awakened women who take empowered leadership positions in the world and through their businesses, the greater the potential for healing our troubled world. Sacred Women’s Business is proud to be an official AusMumPreneur expert in 2016.

Lisa is a certified coach, writer, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, speaker, registered Physiotherapist and mother. She lives in a subtropical paradise near Byron Bay with her two sons.

What is Lisa sharing at Artful 2016?

Keynote – Healing the Heart of Your Business – ultimate sustainable success secrets for heart-centred women

You’re often promised that once you follow your soul purpose, things will magically align themselves and abundance will flow. However, in a busy world, creating a successful business around your calling takes serious passion balanced with commitment and pragmatic biz smarts. This can be overwhelming for heart-centred and creative women. If you’ve been experiencing overwhelm, burn out or adrenal fatigue in your business, it’s time to do some healing on the heart of your business. Learn the ultimate sustainable success secrets for creating a business that supports, nourishes and adores you.


  • How to fine tune the feminine art of receiving for greater abundance
  • How to honour your body for longevity and to leave your legacy
  • How to tune into your intuition to magnetise amazing opportunities
  • Sacred tools to break through mental barriers to success
  • The keys to being a self-determined leader with heart and ease
  • How to fall in love with your business again

Workshop – The Embodied Feminine Leader – 7 Practices for Charismatic and Magnetic Feminine Influence

Have you ever wondered what makes some people effortlessly and consistently attract extraordinary opportunities, while others miss out? Have you ever seen someone who has a message similar to your own, skyrocket their business and wondered what set them apart from the masses? Maybe you know someone who exudes charisma and presence and wondered how they do it? The great news is, that charisma and presence can be learnt. Becoming a magnet for extraordinary opportunities is totally within your reach.


  • How to be a magnet for extraordinary opportunities
  • How to find and use your authentic voice for maximum influence and abundance
  • How to practice mindfulness to overcome fear
  • The art of feminine presence
  • Key secrets of charismatic leaders

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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