The Top Three Mistakes Coaches Make {which leads to overwhelm}

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Hi Beautiful,

I saw one too many heart-centred women struggling with overwhelm this week so I decided to shoot you a video. These are the 3 most common mistakes I see generous women making when they’re managing their service-based biz, and how to remedy them so that you can get back to letting your business love you up.

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This past fortnight I’ve been on 2 very different stages to speak about a subject I am extremely passionate about – how to find your soul purpose. It was a fascinating experience moving from the relaxed and barefoot, meditative atmosphere of the samakata tipis in Bangalow for ‘Pursue Your Passion’ hosted by The Holistic Project, to the more corporate atmosphere at the Ballina RSL for the International Women’s Day, a luncheon so kindly organised by The Ballina Chamber of Commerce. It was a stretch. It takes courage to get in front of people (for me it’s been over 500 this fortnight).The one thing I learnt above any other, is to be comfortable with who you are no matter what your backdrop is. Knowing your values, knowing your core convictions, gives you stability. Being able to stay centred and true to your message is vital. It’s not about you, it’s about your message. This week I encourage you to go forth bravely with your message, that one thing you believe in so strongly that you could talk it up for hours.
Many many thanks to the fabulous organisers of the Pursue your Passion Event – Kristal Brown and Helena Duncan from The Holistic Project. Many thanks also are in order to the extraordinary Leigh O’Malley from Ballina Chamber of Commerce and her team for ‘Making it Happen’ for International Women’s Day at the Ballina RSL. And of course, the photographers who captured these images: Mirelle Merlet-Shaw from the Ballina Advocate and the incredible Stevie van der Chys from Stevie van der Chys photography.


This week we’ve been celebrating my son Kalani’s twelfth birthday. Kalani Paul is also known as Shliggie, Kan, Shogal, Foggle, Bakan, Imp. It’s such a milestone, knowing that he’s on the cusp of teenage years and still a boy.
My sentiments to him that I posted on Facebook are here:  I can’t believe you’re so grown up already and this is the last year before you’re a teenager. I love being able to watch you turn into such a fine young man. I melt every-time you hug me. We’ve been through thick and thin together, so many challenges and so many triumphs. I couldn’t have asked for a better son to journey through life with, you are my absolute light and one of the biggest reasons why I do what I do. Your laugh, a cross between a jackal and a hyena, is the most hysterical thing I have ever heard. Your sense of humour never stops bringing joy. Your dedication and total obsession over soccer is mind-boggling. I never even followed sport until I watched you on the field being a brave warrior and now I get it, I totally get it!! You and your brother have been the making of me and the best thing I have ever done in my life by far was becoming a mother. Thank you for being you and may you always know how loved you are darling xx

To celebrate, I whipped up another collage using the awesomeness of PicMonkey. Check it out, it’s free (and this is not an affiliate link) – use this for all my quote images and banners etc.Hold Your loved ones close, especially your babies. They grow up soooo quickly!



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