The Single Mother's Guideline to Having It All

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The Single Mother’s Guideline to Having it All

The single mother's guideline to having it all

If you’re a solo parent running a business, I really wanted to extend my understanding, empathy, and support to you this week (and always) – and the single mother’s guideline to having it all.

It’s a path that is not for the faint-hearted and one you may not have chosen to take, but I promise you are not alone. There are so many of us out there who have had those moments where we weren’t sure how we’d get through it.

The constant juggling, the over-compensating as you attempt to fill the shoes of both parents, the loneliness…it’s perfect training ground for running a business. 

Prioritising your role as a parent whilst also living your soul’s purpose is possible, with a few strong guidelines (and boundaries) in place.

This month, my Ausmumpreneur blog outlines
the single mother’s guideline to having it all

Please add your own guidelines for having it all, in the comments section below.

I bow down to you with reverence for all that you do and for all that are.

P.S:  I got really vulnerable recently in an interview with divine being and all-round soul-sister Michelle Reinhardt (founder of Entrepreneurs Globally Unite) in her fabulous new podcast. Michelle managed to extract a few tears about my journey from a broken woman in a Centrelink queue to Sacred Women’s Business Coaching and a few things in between. It’s an honour to be part of the first episode at

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Photo Diary

It was delightful to teach physiology on my favourite mentor and teacher’s recent yoga teacher training immersion held in sunny Suffolk Park recently. The 2 week immersion kicks off an entire year of mentoring and featured a group of dynamic, feminine, deep, hilariously funny, intelligent and soulful women as well as breathtakingly beautiful flowers – pretty much everything Sacred Women’s Business holds dear in one space.
the single mother's guideline to having it all
Top L – Rachel Zinman and me, Top R – daily bhakti, bottom R – Rieko and me (my bestie’s bestie)
and bottom L – daily altar.
Flower Lakshmi yantra – goddess of beauty and abundance

Gorgeous bunch of yogini goddesses – who blossomed just like a bunch of flowers

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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