The Attenuation of Core Wounds

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Life sometimes brings challenges that appear above and beyond our control. Last month was a particularly challenging one for many people, myself included. Last month bought me to my knees praying for respite from the storm outside. A tidal wave of events has occurred back to back. Apart from my car being written off by a tree (an impressive end to a faithful vehicle and a metaphoric end to a long journey I have been on), there have been a series of challenges which have tested my resilience, my faith, my sense of justice, my values and my personal relationships to their limits.

Although it has been a scorchingly painful time, the blessings that are rising out of the ashes are already showing me to the next chapter. I have learnt that I can close an era by surrendering it gracefully or by fighting every step of the way. I am learning to surrender without losing my voice. I am learning to trust the unfolding as a highly necessary process which is showing me a gulf between who I currently am, and who I dream of being. I have recognised that a core wound, which has been there since childhood, is showing up to be healed. This wounding will continue to show up until it is examined and healed.

Attenuation is the gradual loss in intensity of any kind of flux through a medium. When we are on a rollercoaster, staying very present to what is occurring can be a useful way of reducing its intensity. The attenuation of a core wound requires awareness, observation, space and stillness. It also requires compassion, love and non-judgement. Attenuation of a core wound is akin to slaying a dragon. It results in an identity shift and will seal a schism no matter how deep or broad it may be.

Life no longer looks the same on the other side of a successful attenuation process. That’s a good thing too! Ahead there is new growth, new opportunities and there are entirely new blessings.   

When the turkeys get you down, sometimes you just need to count your blessings.

This comes to you with love, validation and acknowledgement for all the fear storms, for all the times the turkeys have won and for the core wounds you’ve healed or are still working on healing. For all the times you’ve felt alone whilst you’ve been pursuing your dreams. For all the times you’ve felt like life is not turning out according to your expectations. Hear this: life wants something even better than you imagine.

You are stronger than you realise. You are beyond powerful. Believe that this too shall pass.

There is always a gem hidden inside the dark cave of understanding. You might not see it yet, which is why it’s so important to cultivate faith. Faith is the ability to believe something is possible BEFORE you have material proof of its existence.

Have some faith that this is happening for a reason.

If you’re still feeling stuck, book in for your complimentary attenuation call. Discover the extraordinary power of having a witness to your trials who understands what it takes to move through to the other side of a challenge. Come on a deep dive to uncover the gem at the heart of your crisis. There may even be a treasure there that you haven’t noticed before.

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  1. Belinda on December 4, 2013 at 5:50 am

    Lisa you are amazing! Such a powerful, beautiful and affirming way of putting the universe into perspective. Thank you!

    • Lisa on December 4, 2013 at 10:39 am

      Thanks Belinda, it’s such a treat to have you visit this space. I’m really happy and grateful for your feedback too. Keep in touch x

  2. Christine on December 5, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    Dear Lisa, you write so beautifully I love this article, it’s so inspiring and resonates deeply. I’d never heard of attenuation before and this insight is very timely! Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom x

    • Lisa on December 6, 2013 at 2:48 pm

      hi Christine, beautiful to see you here. Can’t wait to see you in person. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Much love to you xx

    • Lisa on February 28, 2014 at 5:51 am

      hi Christine, thanks so much for making your comment on attenuation. It’s so awesome to know that the words resonated with you. Sending you immense love across the seas xx

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