The #1 Reason for Your Overwhelm

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It’s an epidemic in our society and it’s time for it to end.

Or at least, it’s time for it to change for women.

It’s the dreaded feeling of overwhelm.

It often comes at this time of the year because you’ve diligently set some new year’s resolutions or goals and you’ve already blown a few of them.

You’re feeling guilty because the diet resolution didn’t stick.

Or you’re feeling lost because the plans you made or the schedule you created isn’t working out.

That familiar feeling of overwhelm creeps up and steals your peace like a bandit.

It’s insidious and it’s got to stop.

Here’s my #1 reason for overwhelm.

It might apply to you too.

Too much looking outside for answers.

Seeking and comparing and turning outside of myself for the way forward.

The external focus is a masculine and patriarchal one. It’s been dominating the planet for centuries. But it’s crumbling because it’s unsustainable. The collapse of the fiscal, housing, economic and legal systems that we’re seeing – they’re all happening because they’re unsustainable systems.

The masculine is concerned with external appearances, numbers, logic and scientific reasoning. It has a very important place in business, because it supports and underpins a business with its pragmatic foundations. Without it, everything would be chaotic. However, when it dominates, there is no time for play, for spontaneity, for dynamic edge pushing.

Here’s how an overbearing masculine energy and predominantly outward focus shows up for me personally:

-looking to the outside world for approval and feeling overwhelmed because I can’t possibly please everyone

– comparing myself to others by looking at their lives and feeling overwhelmed because I don’t have the same strengths/time/energy/freedom that they have

– listening to the marketing guru or coach who has a formula and feeling overwhelmed because it doesn’t fit my way of doing business

– hearing about the success of a new coach and feeling overwhelmed because surely I should be further along by now.

 A successful feminine approach to business supports you to look within yourself for the answers.

-It does not compare nor does it compete.

– It collaborates, but only if the connection feels right.

– It’s more happy being than doing.

– It isn’t afraid of silence and taking a time to gaze into the spaciousness of peace to gain insight.

– It isn’t afraid of being left behind or not keeping up with the latest fad or trend.

– It knows that honouring universal truths will leverage the universe in its favour and that it’s not possible to truly key into these truths by listening to the white noise of the world outside.

– It also knows how to trust the small, still voice of truth that is always working to support it to live as love, ease, grace and glory.

In 2016, I’m working to trust my intuition by immersing myself in regular long sips of stillness to connect with her and listen to her song. I’m working smarter, not harder, to magnetise my desires. I’m also giving myself permission to take things at my own pace – to run my own race – to do things the way that feels most spacious, most sustainable and most aligned with my values. Rather then the overwhelming and outmoded way of doing things – competing, comparing and measuring up against everyone else.

I’d love to know whether you’re choosing ease instead of overwhelm in your life dear loved one. Leave a comment and let me know your #1 reason for overwhelm and how you’d like to remedy it with more ease, greater spaciousness and freedom in 2016.

Warmest blessings and heartfelt best wishes for your easy way forward.


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