Create Wealth Doing Your Soul’s Work

create wealth

Create Wealth Doing Your Soul’s Work Event: No-Cost Interview Series starting September 16, 2019 Ever wonder how to create wealth while doing your soul’s work? If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my spiritual journey, it’s that cash and consciousness aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, earning real, sustainable money from my soul’s work and through…

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3 Ways to Stay Grounded

stay grounded

Three Ways to Stay Grounded Whilst You’re in a Growth and Expansion Phase Are you looking for ways to stay grounded? Sometimes, an entire season will pass where there’s not so much change, growth or expansion. And then there are those times where the excitement of flux, variety and engagement is so intense that it’s hard…

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5 Ways to Optimise Your Social Media

social media use

5 Ways to Optimise and Reframe Your Social Media Use and Rekindle Your Creative Fire In the beginning, social media use and easy access to the digital world really excited me. The possibilities were vast. Here, finally, was a platform that enabled us all to instantly reach across the planet and make incredible connections with…

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Single-Parent Sanctuary Summit

single parent

Single-Parent Sanctuary Summit is HERE Complimentary Pass Inside June 10 – 30, 2019 I’m no stranger to the challenges of single parenting after doing it tough for over a decade.   That’s why I said yes when my friend, Kate Furnish, invited me to speak about the topic on her upcoming summit the Single Parent…

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When Things Fall Apart – Reframe

fall apart

When Things Fall Apart, Here’s an Essential Reframe When things begin to fall apart, it’s important to reframe. All of life is constantly in flux, yet when things fall apart, it can often feel as though we are back in familiar old patterns and that nothing much has changed. It can be hard to pull…

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5 Surprising Reasons to Get a Mentor


5 Surprising Reasons to Get a Mentor I have been reflecting on the importance of having a mentor. Having a mentor in various areas of my life depending on where my focus has been, has been a necessity as well as a luxury. I have had a mentor since 2006, which was easily the worst…

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Sankalpa – 3 Ways to Create More Ease…


So many people beat themselves up for not meeting their new year’s resolutions. Yet our focus on what we don’t want will always yield more of the same. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning resolution or determination. It is a pledge and a firm decision to accomplish one particular thing in spite of facing troubles…

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Abundance Meditations


Abundance Meditations Did you know that many women secretly feel afraid of becoming homeless bag ladies? I almost called this week’s ezine ‘Afraid of being a Bag Lady?’ because it is frightening how relevant this is to many modern women. The fastest growing population of homeless people in Australia is women over 50. And despite…

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Juicy Events Coming Soon

upcoming events

Juicy Events Coming Soon You are invited to dream deeply Lunar Prana Vinyasa ~ A deeply restorative residential yoga teacher training program. Byron Bay – Jan 2019 A Prana Vinyasa Affiliate Yoga Teacher Training created by Shiva Rea and offered by senior teacher Delamay Devi. * Awaken your connection to your understanding of the regenerative…

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