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June 10 – 30, 2019

I’m no stranger to the challenges of single parenting after doing it tough for over a decade.  

That’s why I said yes when my friend, Kate Furnish, invited me to speak about the topic on her upcoming summit the Single Parent Sanctuary.

This is a FREE event for conscious, hardworking, and giving single parents, men and women, who are in need of a space to nourish and recharge themselves. It’s a space to learn to give without draining themselves.

It’s a space for single parents to RECEIVE.

The summit is created with single parents in mind to receive insights and teachings on how to find space for themselves, connect to what is nourishing and feeds their soul, get tips on enjoying life in the midst of what can feel like heavy responsibilities, and feel connection to other adults.

If you feel like you are parenting on your own, this summit is for you!

Here’s why I think you’ll enjoy this event:

  • Many single parents feel like they are doing it alone, and feel a bit of hopelessness, and carry responsibilities that can feel like a burden at times. They need support but don’t seem to have the time to find it. The weariness makes it hard to find a new way.
  • Single parents need connection, but are often so busy being there for their children, they aren’t sure how to schedule time for themselves to connect to other adults. It’s a lonely and isolated journey.
  • I will share specific tips single parents can use for their day to day to recharge. These are so simple and most importantly, they can be done while you are in parenting mode.
  • I will encourage the single parent with my perspective and insights on living a full and beautiful life.
  • I will reveal to the single parent there is support for them on their limited timeline (or after bedtime) so they know they aren’t alone in their mission to raise their children.
  • Kate and I are both committed to single parents connecting to the support they need within and without, learning new skills that allow them to work smarter not harder, experiencing joy in responsibilities, and increasing love and presence in families and the world.

If you know you need this and are a YES,

I know you’re making things work as a single parent. Some days you are so proud! Some days you laugh so hard with your children, you get tears in your eyes. And some days, you wonder if any area is getting enough of you, including you. You can feel tired, isolated, lonely and overworked with not enough time for play or joy or even peace, if you remember what those are.

You long to be understood and connected.

You would like to have tools to enjoy your day in the midst of a series of responsibilities.

Kate has put together a diverse group of people to nurture you as a parent, a creative person; a person in transition that may have some grief; a woman or a man who might want to date or who definitely wants to date and to do it in a healthy positive way; a parent who wants to use your time and energy efficiently to communicate well with your children and build relationship instead of fighting over day to day tasks; a spiritual person who wants to be soul nourished through a connection to the Divine; a person who needs space to listen to their own heart.

If you’re a YES to receive, then stop reading and grab your spot here

If you need a little more information, here are some topics we will cover:

  • What is it to be a single parent?
  • What are tips for managing a relentless and unpredictable schedule?
  • What are practices that nourish during busy times?
  • What mindsets are helpful for single parents to hold that empower their children in this situation?
  • What types of support are available to the single parent and where to find them. Parenting is a full time job and single parenting is a full time job without the support from or handoff to a partner.

Our relationships grow us and challenge us and sometimes reveal areas we need to grow and learn. The single parent gets a crash course in their own weaknesses and strengths. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a team to support you in your weaknesses and celebrate and utilize your strengths in those very areas? This is exactly what we’ve put together for you, a team.

So, click here to enter into the team

This is a team assembled for you, so you can listen in on the conversation, know there are people who get you and understand you, people who value what you do and have done it too. People who want to support you and encourage you. You do matter, you know.

Come join us. The summit is free and it’s created with you in mind. You matter.

Come in and be nourished!

Nothing to do, but listen in and receive.

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