Secrets to a Stellar 2016 {ho ho ho}

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Sacred Women’s Business is celebrating a milestone this week because my youngest son made it through primary school. Here he is celebrating his Grade 6 graduation with his sweetie Ella.

Can you imagine anything more adorable?

I cannot believe the early years of motherhood are over. It’s heartwrenching to think of all the years of playgroups, playdates and losing teeth giving way to independence, peer groups and curfews. Time to embrace change and the teenage years with optimism and as much love as possible because the level of sentimentality threatens to sink me right now!

In the spirit of 2016 being the year you UPLEVEL, I’d like to share a couple of my secret success weapons with you.

A couple of months ago, I shared with you that I had had the thrill of meeting someone I’ve admired for years and whose resources I’ve used to help build my business. The fabulous Leonie Dawson, who not only let me take a selfie, but also followed up with a gorgeous post card which arrived in the post…

One of my tips for 2016 is to get yourself some of Leonie’s cool resources too. If you’re looking for a planner which has the most incredible magic inside it, skip on over to:

If you’d prefer a swathe of incredible business resources, dance on over to my affiliate link at the amazing biz life academy at

Let’s make 2016 our year of uplevelling and moving mountains – together!

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