Ready to Give Up? Struggling? Here’s to Throwing in the Towel!

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This year’s International Women’s Day 2016 coming up on 8th March, carries the theme #PledgeforParity.

Parity is another word for equality. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know how committed I am to the values of parity and equality. Sacred Women’s Business has been founded on the startling and heart-breaking discoveries I made about gender equality when I became a single parent in 2005.

A desire to see more equality for women is one of the values that drives me to support women to strive for freedom, self-determination and abundance in their lives and business. I desire to make a difference to you because I believe that equality underpins so many vital functions for the future of the human race.

Equality for balance

Equality for sustainability

Equality for mutual respect and understanding

Equality for world peace

We all started life from a single male and female cell. We are all a perfect blend of polar opposites wrapped up in human form, complete with manual dexterity. Being able to freely carry out your work in the world is a triumph for women who are being called to the challenge of regaining parity in a world still laden and burdened with hidden and not so hidden, biases and prejudices.

Yet even though I’m fully committed, there are plenty of days where I toy with the idea of giving up on this mission.

If you’ve ever been on the path of entrepreneurship you’ll know what I mean. It takes a lot of focus, work and determination to bring a big desire into being. Add to this the sheer marathon of single parenthood and you’ll know what I mean plus some. Yet what I see time and again is that the point of giving up is the exact place where your comfort zone ends. It’s the place where your greatest breakthrough lies in wait for you. It’s the place where you would have once truly given up, but it’s also the place where staying the course holds the greatest rewards.

Here’s what I know about struggle and the idea of giving up –

#1. It’s the place right before your breakthrough. It’s the place of highest tension, similar to the point where a cloud is so full of water that it bursts and showers the blessings of water for new life and new growth.

#2. It’s ok to surrender. Giving up can mean throwing your hands in the air and saying ‘I can’t do this alone any more.’ Benevolence loves you so much. It will come and lift you if you ask with enough conviction. Or it will guide you to the person you need to speak to, vent to, someone trusted and safe, understanding and non-judgemental. A good debrief can work wonders for recalibration and a fresh perspective

#3. Tension is essential for magic to occur. If you’ve ever studied the principles of feminine magic, you’ll know that it’s essential for tension to be present where true alchemy can be performed. The friction, the esoteric reaction between where you are currently and where you desire to be is where the magic lives. The problem is, we’ve been taught from a masculine standpoint to ‘fix things.’ I challenge you to stay in the mystery, which feels like confusion, for longer and see what emerges from that uncomfortable place. Remove distractions, sit quietly and see what the tension is moving you towards. More than often than not, it will lead you beyond your known world. If you’ve done the vision work, the path beyond your known world will lead you in the direction of your desires.

#4. Throwing in the towel is the place where the ego is most adamant and likely to cause protest – so that it won’t be annihilated by the breakthrough you’re about to achieve. Think about this for a minute. Every-time you grow and change, you reach a threshold point which requires a death of sorts, a departure from your ‘old’ life. It can be painful for the ego to leave behind all that you’ve held familiar. Even when your familiar world has been dysfunctional and unhealthy, it can cause grief for the ego to leave it all behind and admit that what it was invested in and identified with…is now null and void.  Here’s where holding a strong vision is important. A strong vision will draw you towards what you want and helps to lift you out of the breakdown and past the threshold.

Where-ever you’re currently at, please know that Sacred Womens Business believes in you. I would do anything for you to truly know how much I understand your struggles, your challenges and how much it means for you to triumph. Your success means the world to me.

Never, ever give up. I am 100% behind you taking your business dreams to the highest level possible.

I’d love to hear more about your number one challenge so feel welcome to leave a comment on the blog. Or email me and let me know how you’re doing at and we can set up a time to chat.

Fabulous Resource for Artful, Creative Biz Owners and Dreamers

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4th March, Ballina
Attend International Women’s Day luncheon

5th March, Mullumbimby
MC for Arabian Nights Fundraiser for Byron Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond group

10th March, Coolangatta
Speak at Feroscare Leadership Conference – How to Coach to Motivate, Inspire Change and Transform – Closed event

14th March, Online Teaching
Bliss Baby’s live online lecture series women’s physiology revision for more information visit –

1st April,  Perth have a ball at my cousin’s wedding in Perth

16th May, Online Teaching
Bliss Baby’s live online lecture series Empowering Women in Businesses for more information visit –

28th and 29th May – Melbourne
Speaking and delivering workshop at The 2016 Artful Business conference **early bird tickets available til Feb 29th

Fabulous snap taken at ‘Pursue your Passion for Mums’ at Osteria last Saturday.
Dani Stevens selfie! It was an extraordinary afternoon of inspirational speakers, beauty and incredible insights. 

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