Womankind Pelvic Floor & Hormone Balancing: Yoga Teacher Training


Join Lisa for this 30hr online Womankind - Pelvic Floor & Hormone Balancing Yoga Teacher Professional Development Training

Women are leading the charge in a new kind of feminine leadership within yoga, wellness and healing communities. We are no longer accepting the Western Scientific and patriarchal models of medicine which have objectified our bodies and separated us from our emotions and our spiritual power. Women are modifying and tailoring yoga and mindfulness practices, many of which were designed for male bodies, to suit our cyclic, feminine nature and our unique physical structure.

Now is the time to lean in and more deeply understand the specific needs of the female body, specifically the pelvic floor and yin hormones, within a holistic and ecologically sound yoga practice.

Did you know that every day in yoga studios world-wide, a travesty against women’s bodies is unknowingly being committed?

Pelvic floors are not being cued in ways that support them to remain healthy. Women’s bodies and pelvic floors are being placed at risk in yoga classes and as a result, prolapse and injury are becoming frightfully common. Incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual pain and hormone issues related to stress are more common than one would imagine. Yet many teachers are unaware of the importance of cueing the pelvic floor accurately during their teaching and may even be risking their own pelvic floor health.

This training educates, inspires and ignites you to teach with awareness, respect and insight about the unique needs of the feminine body. These needs were not written into many of our classical yoga texts and need to be written in and shared by modern, literate women. Now more than ever, women are able to explore and express ourselves without fear of persecution. This training supports you to courageously find your centre, explore your intimate self and then share your wisdom through female-centric practices.

The side effects of an ecologically sound yoga asana, pranayama and meditation practice that safely and correctly factors in pelvic floor wellbeing, is an expression of true feminine empowerment.

Pelvic floor awareness brings integrity, vitality and empowerment that reaches beyond the mat. It is the cornerstone and foundation for safety in your practice and for your students too. It is also a pivotal element in your ability to maintain healthy boundaries and to find your authentic voice as a woman.

Who Is This Training For?

This YACEP recognised training is for conscientious yoga teachers who are ready to understand the female body, most particularly the workings of the pelvic floor, so that they can teach womankind with kindness, integrity, deep respect and safety. This training is also for women who are ready to step into an empowered new style of Feminine Leadership and teaching in the yoga world.

You will be called to this training if:

  • you would like to understand the female pelvis, pelvic floor and safety cues for your students
  • you would like to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis and pelvic floor, and the multi-faceted health benefits of a regular pelvic floor yoga practice.
  • you would like to be part of an Australian first-of-its-kind
  • you would like to be part of a new kind of feminine teaching and leadership that challenges the status quo that is a ‘power over’ and that honours equality, diversity and shoulder-to-shoulder support towards other women.
  • you would like to heal your sister wound and connect with other empowered women.
  • you would like to assist and facilitate your sisters to connect with their inner wisdom, become more embodied and comfortable with their intimate self, whilst becoming more embodied and comfortable in your own skin.
  • you would like to inform, enrich and empower your yoga teaching journey with more scientific, research and evidence-based understanding whilst concurrently honouring your intuitive power and understanding (Have you been afraid of academic spaces? I’ve got you and this is an accessible, easy to digest training for all learning styles).
  • you would like to experience and explore pelvic floor aware asana, pranayama and mindfulness practices that you can share beyond the training, in your classes.
  • you would like to be taken on a step-by-step journey of learning so that by the end of this training, you will be ready to cue the pelvic floor during asana and lead pelvic floor specific practices with clarity and confidence.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Ways of knowing medicine
  • Trauma sensitive teaching – what does this mean?
  • Anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor, sacro-iliac joint and lumbar spine
  • Physiology of the pelvic floor
  • The concept of Pelvic mapping
  • Gut health for pelvic health care and wellness
  • Hormone balancing for PMT, perimenopausal symptoms and menopausal symptoms
  • Understanding prolapse
  • Managing complications – prolapse, supporting the unstable pelvis, therapeutic interventions
  • Standing asana and the pelvic floor
  • Seated asana and the pelvic floor
  • Mindful vinyasa sequences for the pelvic floor
  • Risky asana and rules for care of the pelvic floor
  • Restoring the pelvic floor – practices, toys and recommended products
  • 6 visualisation and meditation techniques

Additional Bonuses

Resources & Tools

You will be invited into a Facebook private group. You will be provided with a comprehensive manual containing information from the face-to-face training as well as scripts, rituals and class plans.

Ongoing Mentoring

Lisa is an experienced and qualified life and business coach and physiotherapist. Ongoing private mentoring is available at an additional cost to support your professional development.


Training Includes

  • 6 x 2.5hrs of live online teaching via zoom.
  • A comprehensive 100-page Womankind Training Manual.
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider approved 20hr of attendance certification with the option to upgrade to 30hr attendance certificate at no extra cost.
  • Lifelong access to the online platform containing the pdfs, handouts, live class recordings and sessions. (*lifelong means for the duration of the Teachable platform provided this platform stays active).


It is TIME for all yoga teachers to be educated, inspired, ignited and informed to practice and teach in ways that honour and protect the female pelvic floor, nervous system and pelvis from harm.

If you’re ready, listen to your inner yes. Please join us for this amazing journey into informed female inspired practice and leadership for yoga teachers.

If you would like to graduate with a deep respect, appreciation of the pelvic floor, how to safely cue this in your teaching practice and how to balance your body for optimal feminine empowerment, this training is for you.

Registration & Payment:

Cost:  $995 AUD

Please email if you prefer a payment plan

About Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa is a registered physiotherapist with 28 years of experience. She is passionate about women's health and has dedicated her life to supporting women to transform their lives through the study and practices of women's pelvic health, embodied leadership, coaching, yoga, meditation mindfulness and the healing arts. Lisa enjoys running her pelvic floor physiotherapy practice at Bangalow Health and Wellbeing in the Northern NSW region.

Lisa has been teaching yoga anatomy for over 14 years. She is a certified, experienced life and business coach, keynote speaker, international yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher, best-selling author, workshop facilitator and mother. She is trained in Women Speak, a unique feminine leadership and speaking training.

As the founder of Sacred Women’s Business Coaching, Lisa believes that when women tap into their feminine wisdom and claim the wisdom and power within their bodies, the feminine shift restores balance and equality and helps to heal our troubled world.