Mother Guilt and How to Deal With the Pain

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Mother Guilt and How to Deal With the Pain

Wherever you are in the world, I love writing to you as a way of reaching out and reassuring you that you’re not alone as you deal with Mother Guilt.

My article called, ‘How I Cured Myself of the Pain of Mother Guilt’ has been published in Kidspot.

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I can’t say I’ll ever be cured of mother guilt entirely (and nor would I want to be for the reasons I spell out in this article). However, I have learned how to minimise the pain of guilt and to make better choices. When you show your kids how to live a life less ordinary, by doing what you love and by following your dreams, you lead by example. I believe this is 100 times more powerful than attempting to sit your kids down and verbally teach them how to live a full and fruitful life. It is also more powerful than operating from a place of guilt.


If you live in Melbourne, there’s an event called ‘Mummy Guilt’ at the Essendon Wine Bar on Wednesday 6th September 2017. All proceeds from this charity event will go to WIRE, the only free phone, and referral service for Victorian Women, no matter what the issue. For just $35 you receive a free drink, a night to discuss and debrief on some of the key issues facing modern mummies and a Brazilian butterfly bag full of goodies.

If you’re a mother, step-mother, care giver or in any role and you’re suffering from guilt right now about not being enough or doing enough, I’m here to give you a gentle pat on the back and to reassure you that you’re not alone. Therefore, let’s do this thing together.

Have Questions About Mother Guilt?

If you have questions about Mummy Guilt, coaching, or how to get started, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here.


Lisa Fitzpatrick

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