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Happy SpringTime from Oz!

I’ve got great news for you if you missed Pursue Your Passion, a live speaking event that I was part of in February this year. The Holistic Project have released the podcast of the speeches which you can pick up here:

It was a luscious event under the Samikata Tipis at the Bangalow Showgrounds and one which helped to define the meaning of pursuing your life’s purpose, stepping into the power of your intention and manifesting a life that reflects the unique magnificence that you truly are.

Come and pick up your keys to pursuing your passion (and making it work for you) here.

It’s been a busy week at Sacred Women’s Business. I’m revving up the engine room to fly to the 2015 Ausmumpreneur Awards in Melbourne this weekend. It’s going to be such an amazing weekend not just because I have an opportunity to speak about Sacred Women’s Business but also because my beloved sisters are flying from Perth to meet me for the Hollywood inspired awards night. I’m so looking forward to dressing up after the sultry dressing down and earthy weekend I’ve just had teaching at Darwin Yoga Space!
Between Darwin and Melbourne, I’ve had the opportunity to see two of my gorgeous and talented clients launch their wings and reveal their gifts to the world. Be sure to scroll down to read more about my star clients for the week, Anna Watts and Keaonei. These goddesses have created magic – Anna with her new e-course ‘7 Kays to Balancing the Chakras’ and Keaonei with her new website www.Keaonei.com which would have to be the purest skin care portal on earth.

 Photos Below of Pursue Your Passion by Stevie Van Den Chys – thanks for your wonderful photography Stevie

with Michelle Merrifeld from Essence of Living

With fellow speakers Lizzy Briedis from Spell Design and Michelle Merrifield from Esence of Living.

speaking it up about the victim-martyr-perpetrator cycle

with our luminous emcee, Shelley Craft

PYP cast – with Gabe and Cecilia and the beautiful hostess goddesses Kristal Brown and
Helena Duncan from The Holistic Project.

Just remember, you have everything it takes to spread your wings and fly dear one. Stop looking at your current circumstances and start focussing on the being, doing and emulating your future dreams. Remember what we focus on expands, so it’s time for you to focus on the fulfillment of your gifts and desires…

p.s  I’m also delighted to be featured on Mama and Me this week in an interview about mothers, my boys and more! Check it out here!

p.p.s. Wish me luck with the awards XO

Two Star Clients of the Week – Happy Spring!

This week I am delighted to shout out about 2 amazing clients and friends as this week they have launched their gifts into the world for the start of spring.

These intuitive, gifted women are stepping into their power and owning their work. There is nothing more exciting than a woman on purpose. Sacred Women’s Business is officially over-the-moon. Congratulations Anna Watts and Keaonei Kinross-Rowe – the world is a better place because you are courageous enough to say ‘yes’ to the heroine’s call to adventure.

Congratulations Anna Watts, Spiritway Healing

Anna has been working on releasing her new e-course ‘7 Keys to Balancing the Chakras’ in time for spring. Anna writes- “Over the past 28 years I have worked with hundreds of clients supporting growth and transformation in their lives. Whether face-to-face or over Skype, it is such a privilege to work with each and every person in this role of deep trust, connection to spirit and to see them embracing positive change in their lives.”I have personally experienced the profound effects of Anna’s work during our time together. I can’t recommend her work highly enough and you can find out more here: http://spiritwayhealing.com.au/courses/chakra-journey

Congratulations Keaonei!

Natural beauty goddess and gifted healer Keaonei’s website has gone live this week. Check out the purest skin care you’ll ever find, which is delivered through hands that carry Hawaiian alchemy and so much tenderness and love you could levitate with the uplift. There’s nothing quite like an experience with Keaonei. http://www.keaonei.com/2011/09/price-list/

Sacred Women’s Business has been in Darwin teaching a 3 day yoga-anatomy workshop this week with a group of 8 goddesses. There is nothing more powerful than a circle of women, consciously working to understand the mysteries of the human condition. We laughed, we learnt, we prayed and we taught each other surrounded by the warmth and balmy friendliness of the North End. We connected intimately with our bodies, strengthened our intuition and listened to the small, still voice that speaks and guides us so clearly when we are in tune with our bodies… Officially stoked with the outcome!
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