Mindfulness for Stress Relief: Scared of Becoming a Bag Lady?

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Mindfulness for Stress Relief

Are You Scared of Becoming a Bag Lady? You’re Not Alone

Let’s talk about mindfulness for stress relief.

mindfulness for stress relief

It fascinates me that so many women are secretly afraid that they’ll become a bag lady. I often have clients asking questions that all point towards this common fear. What if I leave my husband and can’t make a living for myself and end up homeless? What if my husband leaves me and I can’t afford to feed my kids and end up in the gutter? What if my business fails and I can’t find a job and end up becoming a bag lady?

On the flipside, I hear from women (often the same ones with bag-lady fears) who are dreaming of giving their husbands a break and becoming the main breadwinner. They deeply want to provide incredible opportunities for their children. They yearn to make a difference in the lives of others by rising out of survival mode. Women dream of leaving work, that doesn’t accurately reflect their life purpose.

It’s intriguing that we are capable of holding so many polarities within ourselves.

Being dirt poor and exquisitely abundant.

Being in pure survival mode and thriving like an Olympic gold medallist.

Being overwhelmed with life and being all over it with gusto.

You are designed to accommodate contrast. Your ability to cope with contrast and extreme polarity is what makes you resilient and human and extraordinary.

What you focus on expands.

What if you chose to shine the spotlight on what you dream of and desire, more than what you fear?

What if you chose love over fear?

Recently, I had the privilege of teaching a half-day workshop to a group of high-level entrepreneurs. It was called ‘How to Balance Your Busy – Mindfulness for Stress Relief’ and it was full of stress management tips- Mindfulness for Stress Relief – based on understanding the nervous system (my specialty) and included time management tools. The workshop was set amongst the leafy greenery of #theborrowednursery.

Check out the beauty here: http://www.theborrowednursery.com.au

Sacred Women’s Business Coaching was delighted to be asked to deliver this business training (thanks to the amazing girls from The Holistic Project – check out their brilliant work here: http://www.theholisticproject.com.au. Exploring yogic and wellness concepts within the context of high-level business is the ultimate high. I believe that entrepreneurs shape the structures of our world. I believe that the more consciousness and awareness that the major decision-makers of our world have, the better our world will be.

A time-management training exercise revealed some key differences in the ways successful people think and behave. There were 3 main revelations that struck me from the day, and these are most likely responsible for taking these amazing humans well beyond the survival-only mentality of the bag-lady archetype.

#1. They value time. Time is mostly an ally and a friend and is treated as a precious commodity. Beliefs about time were supportive and positive. They value the idea of only handling a task once (do it properly the first time).

#2. They are open to new learning experiences. They love learning and they soak up foreign concepts without judgment but then use discernment about where they choose to focus.

#3. They value people. People are important and connecting with and bonding with the right people is like an insurance policy against the cold, lonely alternatives of a solitary life.

mindfulness for stress relief

Wishing you time to practice mindfulness for stress relief, and an extraordinarily time-rich, learning-filled and people-connected week!


Lisa Fitzpatrick

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