More on Manifesting Like a Mofo

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More on Manifesting Like a Mofo

How fast has 2016 been flying by? Do you need a little more on Manifesting like a mofo?

Have you reached all your goals and desires for the year?

Or is there still a way to go before you’ll feel like your manifestation muscles have been fully flexed?

There’s still a chance to finish this year strong.

If you head over to Denise Duffield-Thomas’ easy and practical Manifesting Formula, she shares her secrets and more on manifesting like a Mofo.

Denise is an incredible money mindset mentor, AKA “The Lucky Bitch”. I’ve enjoyed being a part of Denise’s community for over 3 years now. I love her grounded and practical approach to manifesting what you want in life and business.

Learning to receive is a big part of the manifesting puzzle that so many women, including my coaching clients, struggle with.

P.S: Denise Duffield Thomas also recently wrote an interesting blog called 37 Lessons from Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire which had some interesting insights into the pros and cons of getting what you ask for. I especially resonated with point number 4, where she said that sometimes, instead of wanting to deal with the messiness of human problems and emotions, she’s tempted to want to solve things with money.

N.B.  I’m a proud affiliate of Denise’s work. If you purchase something from her in the future, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

P.P.S: Interested in coaching? Drop me an email at and I’ll email you a prospectus containing all the FAQs and coaching options available at Sacred Women’s Business.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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