Why I love what I do {rockstars and #girlcrushes}

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This week I’d like to shine a spotlight on some extraordinary Sacred Women’s Business women.

These women are the reason why I love doing what I do.

These women are the reason I find myself skipping to work and pinching myself at the good fortune that bought them into my business for coaching.

They are intelligent, high achieving, spiritually connected, conscientious, insightful and awe-inspiring.

They are valuable, treasured and ideal clients as well as friends.

They bring light and healing to the world through their businesses.

They care so deeply, love so thoroughly and aspire so valiantly.

It is an honour to serve them, to be connected to them and to support their wildly succulent dreams and aspirations for a better world.

Some of these women are past clients who have kept in touch and some are present clients who keep showing up and doing what it takes to honour their commitments to their amazing businesses.

They are goddesses who are creating sacred, holistic, sustainable success through the priceless container of time and space that we create together through our coaching agreements.

I’ll let these amazing women’s websites speak for them, however before you explore their work further please know that these are some of the bad ass and exciting action steps we’ve been working on together as part of their bespoke coaching packages with me:

1. finding the right words for their magnetic websites

2. creating marketing plans to attract new clients

3. staying on purpose and moving beyond overwhelm

4. honouring their commitments

5. building their one-on-one or one-to-many practices

6. creating signature programs that reflect their genius zone

7. magnetizing abundance and staying accountable to their money goals

8. creating accountability goals

9. revising business plans

10. reconnecting to the divine impulse and the small still voice of intuition

11. being witnessed, seen, heard and honoured for the gifts they bring

12. growing their online and offline presence

Drum roll please…

Stephanie Williams – Kalpita Yoga – http://www.kalpitayoga.com.au/  (photo above)

Sheia Kironn – LifeForce Food Gardens

Sali McIntyre – Heart and Soul of Wellness – https://www.facebook.com/Heart-and-Soul-of-Wellness

Heli Murray – Loving Birth Facilitator – http://www.helimurray-lovingbirth.com.au/

Jacqui-Rae Anderson – Feminine Yoga Mentoring & Guidance https://jacquiraeyoga.wixsite.com/bliss

Angela Standley – Nature Glow Health Coaching

Fernanda Saad – Do What You Love Revolution


There’s nothing I love more than to support them and my other beloved clients to reach for the stars.

Enjoy exploring the work of these divine humans. They all share the exquisite reality that they are so utterly and authentically on purpose in their lives and businesses. Sign up to their blogs, follow them on social media, do whatever it takes to be in the orbit of their blessings and their work if it calls to you.


Our final panel from the Artful Business Conference was recorded as a special gift to you from Elle Roberts and her divine team. Have a listen HERE and a laugh at these tips we shared as speakers.

The Artful Business conference speaker’s panel from L to R: Melanie Midegs, Katie Wyatt, Felicity Wyatt, Emma Veiga-Malta, Jess May, Tash Corbin, Elle Roberts (our hostess), Dominique Oyston, Sylvia Chierchia, Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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