Do You Love Your Clients? {it’s a personal question}

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Whether you’ve been visiting for a while or you’re new here, here’s a big welcome hug and thanks so much for being here. Life is often busy, so it means the world to me that you open your emails from me and read them.

I love writing to you each week with all my heart.

Something that fills my heart to overflowing with joy is that through my business, I meet the most extraordinary women (and men) who are creating fascinating, super-interesting and exciting lives and businesses. I feel so blessed every day to wake up and realise that I have the luxury of working in ways that suit every fibre of my being. After so many years of not quite being a match for many of the roles I’ve tried, coaching has been something that truly fulfills and ignites me to the core. The best part by far is the fact that I have clients who never cease to inspire me. 

I would love to support you to fill your service-based business with people who inspire you too. I’ll be revealing everything I did, from A to B, to build my coaching practice and attract clients who are a great fit for my style of coaching.

I’m so looking forward to hosting my new teleclass series which starts Friday 17th October at 11am. If you’re a service practitioner, a coach or you’re currently operating a service-based practice, this call series will give you all the support, insight and encouragement you need to fill your practice in 90 days with the kind of clients you’d happily skip to work for. I want to save you some of the uncertainty, fear and resistance I felt building my business. Even if you’re in a remote country area, these steps will work for you. I live in one of the highest unemployment areas in a semi-rural part of Australia. When I started I had next to no confidence and a belief that no one would pay me. I coached pro-bono clients for almost 6 months before I even took on a paying client. The rewards have been immense and I’m ready to share everything I know to save you time and heartache while you build your business so that you can create the life you’ve always wanted.

The teleclass series runs for 3 consecutive weeks and the replay link will be posted here so be sure to subscribe to my weekly ezine if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss it: 

See all the details about the teleclass below and I’m so looking forward to seeing you there.

‘90 Days to Fill Your Practice with
Divine Right Clients (with Feminine Ease)’

Last week I announced that I’m running a 3 part series that you can tune into to support you to fill your practice with the kind of clients who make it a dream for you to skip to work for. You don’t need to sacrifice who you are. If you are slightly left of centre, a dreamer, a visionary, a big thinker and someone who thinks outside the square, you’re especially welcome to join me.

Please note there has been a time change for this event as our clocks have just been wound back an hour for daylight savings Down Under. Make sure you tune in at 11am Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

If you’re unable to make the call, be sure to subscribe to my email list at so I can send you the replay link.

Friday 17th October 11am (AEDT)
(this is PDT 5pm/EDT 8pm on October 16th for those of you in the USA)

Call One details:
Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 304717#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
(if you’re outside the States, dial 1 first followed by the number)

Secondary dial in number: (614) 360-9344
Full list of dial in Numbers if you’d prefer a local number:

Attend by Web:
If you can’t make the call, don’t worry, I’ll send you a link to the replay through the following week’s ezine.

Remaining Call details

Friday 24th October 11am (AEDT)
(this is PDT 5pm/EDT 8pm on October 23rd for those of you in the USA)

Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Phone number: (425) 440-5100
(Call 1 first if you’re outside the States)
PIN Code: 304717#

To attend, visit:

Friday 31st October 11am (AEDT)
(this is PDT 5pm/EDT 8pm on October 30th for those of you in the USA)

Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Phone number: (425) 440-5100
(Call 1 first if you’re outside the States)
PIN Code: 304717#

To attend, visit:

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