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The world is so in need of your unique beauty and talents right now. Please take a few minutes to watch this video to receive the love and support you deserve.

If it feels like 2015 will be the year you finally realise your potential, come and coach with me and let’s start making some business plans together.

Book your 30 minute complimentary
coaching call now

There’s limited places left to coach with me in 2015 but the gap is closing fast. Jump in, because once full, there will be a waiting list until March 2015.


My friends Rev. Anne Preusel and Sherry Bowers are still offering you a giveaway, specifically geared toward spiritual entrepreneurs!

There are free e-books, audio trainings, audio meditations and video trainings when you sign up here:



If you’re interested in coming along for some live inspiration around pursuing your passion and finding your purpose, I’m humbled to be speaking at @TheHolisticProject ‘s motivational event for female entrepreneurs and creatives in the beautiful Byron Shire in Feb next year! I’ll be speaking alongside some seriously inspiring women in business and creativity, as well as some amazing musicians including @gabrielandcecilia from The Voice! For more details and to purchase your tickets now head to PURSUE YOUR PASSION.

If you’re not already clear on your soul purpose, this is the perfect event for you.



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