It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To…

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Sacred Women’s Business is beyond grateful to have had the luxury of a birthday celebration this week. I share my birthday with my beautiful son, who turned 15.

I don’t normally pay much attention to birthdays, but this one felt particularly important to mark for several reasons:

  • It was a great excuse to officially launch my book ‘Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women’
  • I have officially been in my new home for exactly one year. After the unsettling turbulence of a decade of renting and facing the fear and uncertainty of having to move 9 times in 9 years (including a stint of near homelessness in which my sons and I ended up in holiday letting accommodation for 3 months whilst being turned down by real estate agents who openly admitted that they had favoured ‘proper families.’ I will never take for granted the good fortune that had my home loan finally approved after years of trying, all thanks to my coaching business carrying us by divine blessings across the line into home ownership. I love my humble abode with all my heart and I owe a lot to a wonderful broker by the name of Dawn Courage (yep that’s right) who said yes and figured out how.
  • My beautiful son has turned 15 and with every year that passes, I am more and more aware of how precious these years are – that he still lives with me and shares this special day in person with me. It won’t be this way forever (although I do hope I can be with him for as many as possible of course). But I do so cherish the fact that he is able to.

I have so many birthday thanks to shout out – a big thanks to all the beautiful women who shared their best wishes with us and graced SWB headquarters for the most scrumptious raw treats conjured up by the goddess of raw delights #JulesGalloway. Thank you so much Jules!

A big thanks to #capturinggratitude goddess Lauren Tober for the delightful photography. #AliceMiyagawa for your remarkable song to bless my home. #AnnaWatts for calling in the birthing blessings for the mother and son journey. #SabineSchroeder for driving a LONG way to come and join our sisters.  #KarenWightman for leading a Gaia mantra that blew everyone’s heart’s open. #EzekielFischer for being the best son I could have ever called in as a mother. I love the fact that your passage to manhood is being witnessed by so many amazing people and that you were able to be held in circle to feel how supported you are. #toeverywoman who is part of my beloved SWB community.  I love you with all my heart.

As I mentioned in my impromptu speech last Sunday, life can be hard. Life as a single parent is a tough gig. The pictures may be shining, happy ones and they do indeed capture the absolute magic of a celebration, but there was so much fear and self-doubt and self-judgement and pain leading up to the triumph of receiving these divine blessings. The only way I have ever been able to get through this life and honour the promises I made to be of service with my heart, is through the love and support I feel from the women-folk around me.

Let’s lift each other because together, I believe we can move mountains.


To celebrate my birthday, I have a free gift for you from my Heart Your Life Coaching Program. This is a meditation for loving-kindness which will support you to experience:

  • Resolution for sadness and depression
  • Release of tension and disharmony
  • Expanded joy and gratitude
  • Insights into your true nature
  • Recognition and activation of your soul abundance

To download your free meditation – visit

And the winner is…

Thank you so much to those of you who left your reviews of ‘Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women’ as promised on the Amazon site in exchange for your free copy.

(BTW, you are still welcome to leave your review here )

And the lucky winner of the 2hr coaching intensive is…


Congratulations, Sali. I couldn’t be more over-the-moon to offer you a free intensive to work on your amazing business (what a treat to be able to step into your gorgeous wellness centre and support you to weave your magic). Thank you for your lovely review.


A picture tells a thousand words and these pictures tell so much of an important story. Many thanks to ‪#‎capturinggratitude  goddess Lauren Tober for having the eye to capture these priceless moments in time which I’ll always remember for as long as I live. Here, I am being smudged with a re-balancing ritual last Sunday conducted by my friend and goddess of Sweet Medicine Leigh OMalley before a circle of some of my most treasured women friends. It’s not so much the ritual that is important, although it was a profound initiation into the next cycle of my life. It’s more the fact that Leigh has been an unconditional support for several years now and that I really don’t know how I would have survived the travails and mind blowingly tough gig that has been my single-parenting journey without you in my life Leigh. The fact that you would come forward to bless me is so symbolic of everything that you have been to me as a blessing….I count my blessings every day that our soul-mate sons found each other and bought us together for this season of precious primary school years… which is all about to change as they part ways to go to different high-schools. As life calls us and we gracefully respond to the call (I still have no idea how I will cope without our phone calls of ‘don’t forget such-and-such’ and ‘can I please run this ridiculous combination of work-life commitments by you to see if we can co-parent it somehow’).
I have always felt so safe, supported and understood in the roller coaster ride of parenting because of our friendship and because of our sons’ extra-special connection. Not least because you share the values I have around living a rich, adventure-filled, productive and magical life. I’m certain I’ve not been the easiest person to journey with but you have always shown me the true meaning of diplomacy and grace and what it means to live truly from the heart. I attribute the fact that it has been the most enriching, positive experience of connection and tribe to your tact, to your ability to be so diplomatic and generous always and I really can’t take credit for this. We may not have yet met our forever guys but if my single parenting experience was meant to teach me the true meaning of friendship, then I have been blessed beyond measure to understand true friendship in ours. Words can’t do justice to the priceless blessing that you and your family have been in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart lovely Leigh (and third son Jamai – och I love you like my own).
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Lisa Fitzpatrick


  1. Leigh on December 16, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Truly blessed to have such a shining light in my life! Thank you for all of your YOU-ness Lisa Fitz! Love and cherish you in our lives. Keep shining that bright light! With immense gratitude xLeigh

    • Lisa on May 11, 2016 at 3:56 pm

      thanks so much for stopping by lovely Leigh, thanks from the bottom of my heart for the awesome blessing that continues to be our connection xx

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