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5 Things Every Small Business Owner Can Fix on Their Website

increase website traffic for free

Do you want to increase website traffic for FREE? We’ve partnered with Studio Barn Creative to help you do just that!

When I first started Sacred Women’s Business Coaching I was frightened of the technical side of running an online business.

I spent many hours in tears trying to learn tech. I took short courses in web design and I spent hours and hours trying to figure it all out. I almost went cross-eyed trying to follow the steps that should have lead to wonderful landing pages but only lead me to tears. My efforts at being tech were a messy disaster. I finally admitted that I needed help with this side of my business. First, I had to admit that my dharma lies in helping people to transform through my passion for coaching and training and that my dharma certainly did not lie in being a technical genius or web designer.

Then I had to admit that even though I wasn’t earning a lot at the start, it was going to be more supportive for my business to pay someone to help me than to spend precious hours on areas that are simply are not in my zone of genius.

I got super lucky when I found Kari Turbeville at Studio Barn Creative, who stepped up and said yes to supporting me in all things tech related to my business.

Receiving help from Studio Barn Creative was the best thing I could have ever done for my business.  

One of the real reasons I’ve stayed in business is because I found the right help when I needed it.
If it wasn’t for Studio Barn Creative, and their website maintenance, I doubt that Sacred Women’s Business Coaching would have grown into what it has today, a thriving coaching and training business that I truly love because my genius zone is supported in all the right ways.

increase website traffic free

I love it that while Kari works in her genius zone, I get supported to do mine. It’s a win-win.

Every small business needs someone like Kari.

The best news of all is that she’s available to you too!

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs grow the digital side of their business is my passion at Studio Barn Creative. I love watching people thriving from some of the seeds that we have been able to plant through our service offerings.  When a woman sets her mind to starting a business, there is little that can stand in her way. When a woman starts to grow her business, there can be a few hurdles on the digital side. That’s where we love to jump in and start laying the groundwork and clearing a path to online success.”   – Kari Turbeville, Owner, Studio Barn Creative LLC   

Kari has kindly created a free gift for you to help the online side of your business which you can pick up here:



I can highly recommend you pick up this freebie and go check out all that Kari has to offer at Studio Barn Creative LLC.

Kari and her team at Studio Barn Creative are one of the real reasons I’ve stayed in business. You so deserve to have the kind of heart-centred and professional tech and graphic design support that this talented business offers.

Start by picking up your stunning free guide to an awesome website
5 Things Every Small Business Owner Can Fix On Their Website in the Next Week to Increase Local Traffic


Lisa Fitzpatrick

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