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A Mother's Day to Remember

A Mother’s Day to Remember

When my eleven year-old son and his friend presented me and my friend with a beautiful surprise on Mother’s Day, for a moment I was speechless. I’ve had a busy couple of months, rapidly expanding my business in glorious and surprising ways. I hadn’t stopped to smell the flowers enough and was starting to feel that my level of ‘busy’ needed to be recalibrated.

Being held in a suspended, present moment was a delightful surprise. Normally, I’m a chatterbox when I’m excited. But seeing that my son and his friend had taken such care with the simple details of setting our Mother’s Day picnic table was breath-taking for a moment. A carefully chosen flower adorned each place at the table. A simple centrepiece, they’d decorated with feathers, flowers, rocks and wood. Surrounded by a lush, carefully tended garden on a fine north coast property supported the feeling of simple abundance. I could not have felt more blessed in that moment.

To have Mother’s Day with my two sons and cherished friends to celebrate the simple things – fresh air, reverence for slow pace, chilling out, stopping long enough to really taste the strawberries on the French toast cooked with small hands and innocent hearts. The realisation that no matter how challenging it might be to solo-parent, run a business and juggle life – a day like this one will be looked back on as one of the good old days. These are the kinds of days that I’ll remember nostalgically when I’m an old lady. To savour my sons when they are on the cusp of turning into fine young men is so priceless. Once this time has passed it is gone forever.
My friend Leigh and I lovingly noted that many years of investing in a Steiner school education have instilled a true reverence for simple beauty and nature in our sons. Huge gratitude is also due to The Mullumbimby Shearwater Steiner School for supporting this depth of character and soul-force in our boys so that they may continue to create beauty in their expression of life.
So whilst the busy work of business and life might distract us and may even lead us off course if we are not mindful, true dharma is living purposefully and being as present as possible with each and every moment. Being truly on purpose and engaged with your soul-work, means putting everything aside for a moment to embrace the beauty of simple presence. We are divinely guided when we stop still for long enough to sense the spaces in between time and matter. If you believe that our lives are a longing for consciousness to find expression, then mirroring the simple beauty of nature is a key to running our lives and businesses sustainably. This means honouring the cycles within us which say- slow down, take a moment, breathe. It means calibrating the poise that allows us to seasonally spring forth into action and then submit to the patience and the reclining of our feminine nature when required. When we lose touch with nature, we lose the sensitivity to calibrate wisely.

This week, I challenge you to get unplugged and spend some time in the garden, the park or by the water. Place your hands or bare feet on the earth. Be. Still. Now.
I’d absolutely love to hear about any insights you have. Please stop and make a comment below.

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