I am so Proud of Us! {That Means You, too, so Please Open Up!}

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There is love in the air at Sacred Women’s Business.

There is love everywhere at the moment!

Can you feel it?

We came in Third in the Service Business Category of the Ausmumpreneur Awards. I am so proud of us! 

Thank you so much to everyone who voted, to all the love and support I have felt and for being committed to being the change you wish to see in the world.

Sacred Women’s Business is a stand for a better world, a world where the domestic work of mothers is revered and valued as equally as important as your work in the world.

I am happy and so, so proud to do my work with privileged women in order to represent the women of the world who are currently experiencing marginalisation or inequality. For the women who are being silenced and repressed and disempowered by the very real gender inequities that are still happening in our world.

I am deeply committed (now more so than ever) to being a voice for women who do not have access to the privileges we have as Western Women. I believe that as women with access to clean water, clean air, safety and freedom of expression, we have a moral obligation to serve, to offer our significant contributions to the world.

I know you have a legacy to leave and that you deeply desire to make a significant contribution to the world through your business or soul purpose, and that balancing your desire with your desires to be an amazing mother is challenging. Sacred Women’s Business coaching programs have been designed to support you to live your soul purpose and make your contribution,to help you with your messaging, packaging and online presence, to claim your worth so that your business becomes both sustainable and profitable and so that you can provide an amazing life for your children. I pride myself on being able to create a business I love with all my heart alongside my deep deep love and commitment to being the best mother I can be. If I can do this as a single parent, by golly so can you!!

By being part of a Sacred Women’s Business coaching program, you are part of my legacy. I have a dream of a world where masculine and feminine balance reigns supreme and where sustainability, connection, collaboration and spirituality are values and a priority in business. I also have a dream of a world where conscious women are the new voices of politics, finance and business. Imagine the decisions that would be made if more conscious, aware women stepped into positions of true power.

Come work with me? Book your complimentary dream discovery coaching conversation so that we can explore your vision for your business! BOOK HERE

I have so many people to thank for the mission that it was to get to these awards… My amazing mother Billie looked after my sons while I taught in Darwin, came home for just 3 days and then flew Melbourne this past week. I could never have done it without her coming over from Perth. Thanks mum!!

Thanks also to my sensationally brilliant and generous-with-her-time Virtual Assistant Kari Turbeville from Kari’s Graphic Design. You are one in a million, Kari. I’d never be here without your support each week.

Despite how incredibly happy I am in the pictures, you should also know that I had an anxiety attack in the ladies room with my sister by my side just prior to the announcement. It is utterly terrifying to get on stage in front of that many people sometimes, it is not like the public interface is easy for a sensitive person despite what it might look like in the photos!! Don’t be fooled loves, if I can do this all whilst suffering anxiety and cycles of debilitating depression, confidence challenges and the challenges of single-parenthood, then so can you.

There were over 1000 businesses nominated, and 130 finalists chosen over 12 categories.

Sacred Women’s Business made it to the finals in 2 categories – The Judged Category for Emerging Entrepreneur and the People’s Choice Service Business Category.

We won third place in the Service Business category! How cool is that? And it completely blew me away to make it to the finals in two categories. It was so exciting I invited both my sisters to attend the awards in Melbourne. They both jumped on a plane from Perth.

Angie (left) and Genevieve (right) – I’m a middle child… we also have 2 brothers.

Goodness comes in threes. 

My gorgeous fellow Coaching Institute friend and colleague Kerry Spina from Kids In Harmony,  www.kidsinharmony.com.au, was not only responsible for nominating me but also shared her room, her support, her confidence and her gorgeous friend, Kylie Bartlett from Women of Achievement, even lent me her bed and her jewelery! Words can’t express my thanks to luminous light beings Kerry and Kylie for sharing their precious space with me – they were all about proving that three is never a crowd and the more the merrier.

I am standing next to a dazzling cast here – from left to right – Kerry Spina – Kids in Harmony www.kidsinharmony.com.au, Kylie Bartlett – Women of Achievement, Nikolene Riddle – Skinny Mixers, Monica Meldrum – Whole Kids (and 2015 Ausmumpreneur of the year –congratulations Monica!), Lou Guggan – Cake2theRescue.

Thanks to my hubstar and star friend Leigh O’Malley for lending me the gorgeous gown and to the lovely Nadia who also made it happen!

Biggest thanks to you all here, especially my cherished, adored, amazing and extraordinary coaching clients. Words don’t do justice to how much I admire, revere, respect and love you all. You are amazing, courageous women who make my work  a deep joy.


Thank you so much to Ausmumpreneur creators Peace Mitchell and Katie Garner and all their generous sponsors  for making this event happen.

I would seriously hug you all if I could.

It takes a dream to create an empire like the Ausmumpreneur network, and then plenty of dedication, commitment and hard work.

Last but definitely not least, this week I got to hug one of the greatest influencers in the online world of ‘alternative women doing business and family’. I even got a selfie!

Thanks Leonie Dawson, for all that you have done for women with dreams – if it wasn’t for your fabulous work I doubt very much I’d be where I am in my business.



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  1. Virginia on September 10, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Lisa – You look SOOOOO happy and proud – well deserved obviously ! Congratulations lady.
    Reassuring to others that even you can get nervous at a big moment. How fun that your family and friends were there to support and enjoy your achievement.

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