How Your Visibility & Vulnerability Equals Abundance

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A couple of months ago, with encouragement from my coach, I busted through a long standing fear barrier and had some professional photos taken with a wonderful local photographer. I’ve always had a huge block about having my photo taken. I’ve never felt very photogenic. In fact, I even shied away from marriage and weddings my whole life because the thought of having photos and being visible terrified me. It must be a legacy from being an awkward, flat-chested teenager with acne and braces. Somehow, that dorky girl is always going to be a part of who I am . You could say that being in front of a camera feels like the equivalent of parading topless around my local shopping mall. Hang on, I think I’ve already done that once when I was breastfeeding and forgot to do up my shirt buttons so maybe that doesn’t count.

Thankfully the universe supported me to have a visibility breakthrough.

What I needed to do first was get behind my why. Why the heck was I having a shoot done? I could easily think of a million other ways to invest the funds back into my business and wasn’t it just going to all be a waste of time and energy? I’m not one for having regular hair appointments and I never wear much makeup. A shoot felt self indulgent and besides, my business was meant to be all about my clients not me. Getting behind my why was important to identify so that I could go out and get the wardrobe I needed and book my hair and makeup lady – the gorgeous Julie Corbet – without chickening out.

My big why turned out to be simple. I decided I was taking this step outside my comfort zone so that I could reach my kindred people. The women who would feel safe to approach me for coaching – women just like you. So that you would know something more about me. So that you can trust that I’m a real person with real wrinkles around my eyes, and not just an internet figment who turns up in your inbox each week. Getting behind my vision for my ideal client, you, a conscious, spiritually minded woman with an important mission, inspired me to bust through the fear barrier.

My vision clear, I also had to overcome the sinking feeling of being judged.

Being judged by others for all the reasons I’d judged myself – that it was indulgent, unnecessary, self-promoting and all of the other things that Australian women (and perhaps women everywhere) are frightened of.

Then I realised that I spend so much of my time coaching clients to bust through their own personal and professional fear barriers. I had to go ahead and practice what I was preaching. Take some of my own medicine. It’s a good thing we can self-coach. I needed plenty of personal pep talking. To be honest it’s been one of the most challenging things I’ve done recently, getting out of my own way and getting over myself to do it.


On the day, Kate Nutt ( ) and her amazing assistant Lana were warm, caring and professional. Thankfully Lana, as the wardrobe and style advisor, was able to step in and do job of shooshing and styling me and the setting. We had a huge amount of fun and giggles. We got through five outfit changes to suit the different areas of my business I needed to cover. It was no-where near as scary as I thought it would be. It was an exercise in girly fun and it was super cool and groovy. I’ve no doubt that’s because of Kate and Lana’s extraordinary expertise.

The most amazing thing that has happened since the shoot is that the exercise doubled my business revenue for the past 2 months. That’s even before I’ve had a chance to upgrade my website with the new branding. I am certain this is because I’ve busted through an invisible internal barrier that I had about visibility. I’m also certain it’s because I’m feeling more confident about putting my best foot forward.

The fantastic thing about having the photos is that they have allowed me to get more visible and this has been great for my business. Most importantly, my big why has worked. I have managed to reach more exceptional women who have big missions. I have inched and jumped and quantum leaped towards women like you, who have an incredible voice to find, a dream to live and a truly magnificent soul purpose to unfold.
So if you’re considering having a photo shoot for your business, my resounding advice is JFDI. In the words of one of my wonderful coaches Amanda Moxley – Just F’n Do It!

 Three quick tips to make sure it’s the best it can be-
1. Meet your photographer first. Shop around and make sure you feel a connection. Ask questions. Do they understand your business? Your big why? Do you feel that they can ‘see’ you. Really ‘see’ you. Being sensitive and empathic, you’re going to tune in to whether they’re a good fit for you energetically. Use your super-intuitive powers and assess whether you feel comfortable. If not, then find someone who feels right.

2. Have a variety of outfits. Having a couple of white background shots is a basic essential for graphic design purposes. A mix of professional and lifestyle settings and outfits depending upon your clientele is also advisable if you have the time and scope.

3. Go the extra mile with the extras – get your hair and make-up done professionally. Invest in clothing colours and cuts that suit your body and most importantly, that would appeal to your ideal clients. The people you are here to serve, the individuals who are waiting for your support. Stay true to yourself but keep them in the top of your mind (and heart) at all times. After-all, this really is about reaching your people in ways that feel authentic and aligned with who you are. Your photos give away your values, your demeanor and your soul shines through your eyes. A good photographer will know how to capture these elements but you can support the process by going the extra mile.

Some bonus tips
Kate Nutt and her team were a very lucky find for me. Here are some bonus tips to help you choose the right photographer and to know what questions to ask-

1. Has the photographer been recommended by someone you know? In my case, a friend I trust recommended Kate’s work which steered me in her direction.

2. How much experience has the photographer had? Kate and Lana had over 12 years of professional experience each which made them masters of communicating my message visually.

3. Do they offer personalised consultation? Kate provided a complimentary consultation in which she gained clarity about my business values, my current and future clientele’s values, my direction in my business.

4. Do you feel seen? I felt that Kate and Lana were able to really see me, to express my character non-judgementally and with the added bonus of bringing out my character through the pictures.

5. Do they have past work to show you? Some pictures of past clients can really help you assess whether the style of the photographer is aligned with your own.

6. Their understanding of light – we scheduled the shoot to suit the natural afternoon light. Being on location in our local area required local knowledge. Choose your time and settings based on where the light and shadows will be or check the photographers’ understanding of this.

7. Take time to choose a range of images. Do you need lifestyle shots, professional shots, a combination, casual or fitness, based on your business? Remember, your clients will want to feel like you understand them, so choosing your images carefully with your clients in mind will be valuable for your business.

8. Go for it!

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  1. Raquel on March 3, 2014 at 12:23 am

    As a fellow camera-shy lady, I totally relate to your story! Your courage has given me courage, though. I am going to update my site photos this month, and this has given me more fuel to get it done. You look absolutely gorgeous!

    • Lisa on March 3, 2014 at 4:34 am

      Thanks so much Raquel. I’ve so enjoyed your latest blog on emotional freedom and healing. I wish you all the best and buckets of courage to be visible and to fully show up as the magnificent being that you are! Namaste, Lisa

  2. Jeanette on March 4, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Lisa – you have such a way of expressing your fears in such a relatable way. The photos are beautiful. I really hope you can look at them and truly acknowledge yourself. Thank you so much for all that you share xo

    • Lisa Fitzpatrick on March 4, 2014 at 11:05 am

      hi Jeanette, it’s really beautiful of you to take the time to stop by and comment. It helps so much to know that we are in good company whilst staring down our fears! Thanks heaps xo

  3. Trudy on March 4, 2014 at 1:42 am

    you look so gorgeous Lisa and it’s so wonderful to see you shine – from the inside AND outside – a huge congrats on taking this step and for really letting the world have much of the beauty that is YOU..

    You have so much to offer and share… Keep shining! 🙂

    • Lisa on March 4, 2014 at 8:53 am

      I can’t really express adequate thanks to you Trudy, it’s definitely a reflection of you and makes me beam from ear to ear thinking of what alchemy creates in the company of inspiring people! Thank you xxx

  4. Kylian on April 5, 2015 at 9:15 am

    This is gorgeous! I have lived with similar fears about being ‘seen’. I read this last year and it inspired me to take action… I have done the big photo shoot myself, and sooooooo agree with your sentiments Lisa! JFDI. And yes – my biz is taking off! Wooohoooo! BTW you are just gorgeous! xoxox

    • Lisa on April 7, 2015 at 2:21 pm

      Thanks so much Kylian, you consistently inspire me with your courage and your commitment to your amazing life-changing work. I appreciate the awe-inspiring visibility you’re stepping into more and more and how much it means for everyone you touch. Love your work! Namaste xox

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