How to Turn Your Purpose into Prosperity – { +Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day}

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I enjoyed digging this one out of the archives to share with you this week.

Last year, I interviewed the fabulous Ava Waits and got the low down on how to create abundance through living on purpose.


Ava loves coaching and teaching abundance strategies and making money feel like bliss.

I’ll give you a heads up that after this interview, I had a major prosperity spike so be warned that it could have some abundance producing side –effects!

Ava and I met through a fabulous coaching program we both did together a couple of years ago. I’ll never forget the feeling of relief to step into that program along with 20 or so other women who all knew exactly what it was like to be a free-thinking entrepreneurial type who wanted more out of life. The new entrepreneurs of tomorrow are nothing like those of the past. We are moving from a very patriarchally dominant time towards greater balance and equality for women. New technologies have made it more possible for you to turn your purpose into prosperity than ever before.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is this week
(November 19th).

I LOVE what this day represents for women. We have opportunities like no other time in history. We are able to write our own futures with the benefits of modern technology and we are able to work from our homes while we raise our children.

Can you imagine what our great-grandmothers would have thought if they’d known our world would be moving in favour of women’s empowerment and financial independence.

I also love the fact that mums are not eliminated from this important chapter in history.

The former Australian minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson, said earlier this year – ‘Mumpreneurs are able to make use of the disruptive technology to build businesses and livelihoods for themselves and others – often combining new technology, social media skills, new products and services too. They are leading the way in navigating new technology, new business opportunities, and the perennial challenge of balancing economic and family goals.’

If you’re navigating the new world of technology to conduct your business and finding it challenging, I would encourage you right now to stop and take a breath. You are effectively a pioneer on a new frontier. So of course it’s going to be a great big leap into the unknown at times. But you’ve got this. You can trust that you’re forging a path for other women to follow.

It’s your time so stay the course sweetheart.



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