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A big welcome to all new subscribers to the Sacred Women’s Business ezine. Please know how much I cherish and appreciate each and every one of you. It means the world to me that you show up here each and every week with so much heart and so much commitment to positive change.

For those of you who have been here a while, you may already know that coaching forms only one half of my business. The other half, the training and therapy arm of Sacred Women’s Business, has been in full swing this month. I’ve been teaching on the Bliss Baby training for aspiring pre and post natal yoga teachers. My role is to educate aspiring pre and post natal yoga teachers to understand their bodies, specifically the pelvis. I teach Pelvic Physiology as well as a subject called ‘Empowering Women in Business.’

These two subjects might seem like they’re poles apart, however, there is an important undercurrent in both of them that underpins all that Sacred Women’s Business stands for. That conscious women can effect radical change for the greater good – and that this requires us to be connected to our bodies so that we can make fully embodied decisions that honour our intuition. So often we abandon our physical bodies out of shame, disconnect, cerebral overload. So often we live from the ‘heart-up’ and forget that full, embodied presence requires us to stand in the centre of our own gravity, breathe deeply into our pelvis, inhabit ourselves, own our shadow-side (which so often lives in the pelvic basin) and be courageous enough to not abandon ourselves when things get scary. It takes courage to step out of the dull numbness of a half-awake life and into full presence.

Did you know that the only way to grow your heart-centred business is to get comfortable being uncomfortable? Yet the world needs you more than it ever has to become one of the new humans that will effect positive change here on earth.

You need to do at least 2 things that frighten the bee-jeezus out of you every single month (at least) to grow your business.

This means showing up, it means staying in your body, committing to breathing with full presence through the situations that may feel terrifying but will catapult you forwards towards greater freedom and abundance. Move in the direction of your fear dear one. That thing that scares you – is the very thing that might change everything for you…

We also set off a maiden voyage with Bliss Baby. I was honoured to facilitate their first ever online webinar last Tuesday to kick off the Bliss Baby online lecture series.  It’s so wonderful to see the powers of technology in full swing, as I was able to teach live to women around the world, including one lady in Canada who had woken at midnight to get the lowdown! It has always been a dream of mine to reach women around the globe through the use of new technologies. The fact that women have the option of working from home and being there for their children is such a blessing of our age. I am deeply appreciative of the collaborative nature of the Bliss Baby experience and love working with businesses that align with Sacred Women’s Business by sharing the same values.

Bliss Baby founder Ana Davis and I enjoying some post yoga bliss after her wonderful yoga class. Ana’s ‘moving with the moon’ sequences have been so nourishing during my time of busy-ness. She is an amazing teacher and I feel so blessed to not only be able to teach on her trainings but to also experience her work by being her yoga student in her intimate home studio each week. You can find out more about Ana’s work here.


Byron and Beyond networking breakfast, Byronian café, Byron Bay Wednesday 19th August – I had fun presenting and stepping outside my comfort zone for these lovely peeps with a talk called:
‘Going Global with Web Presence for Local Businesses’

So, what will you stretch out and do this month beyond your comfort zone dear one?


If you’ve been toying with the idea of creating some leveraged income streams and launching your own e-Course, I’ve got some amazing FREE resources to share with you to help you get your big, bold vision out into the world.

My friend Kathryn Hocking of the e-Course Launch Formula has developed a fantastic series of videos to give you straight-up, actionable strategies that you can put into place TODAY.

They’re designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about e-Courses (like how to come up with ideas, and how to market to a small list) as well the BIG trouble-spots and mistakes she see business owners struggle with all the time.

This series of 3 super-useful vids includes:

  • How to hone in on the right idea for your e-Course (so that you know your creating something your audience will buy!)
  • How to avoid the 10 common rookie mistakes that negatively impact your e-Course enrolments
  • How to loose the fear and launch with confidence (so that you can stop playing so small)

Each video comes with beautifully designed downloadable resources, and is jam-packed with her secrets to creating profitable e-Courses and an abundant lifestyle business.

Plus there is even a special live event after the video series ends showing you how to have a epic e-Course launch (even with a small list!).

You can sign up and get started here*:

I personally recommend and endorse Kathryn’s work because of her thorough and experienced understanding of exactly what you need to know to turn your ideas programs into an e-course. I have also used this course to help me to create a self guided version of my Heart Your Life coaching program which accompanies my current coaching packages.

Sign up for Kathryn’s free and massively insightful video series here now*:

*denotes an affiliate link.

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