How to Surf Your Business with Grace

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surf your businessOver the Australian summer, I was blessed to learn to surf with my sons in magnificent conditions at my local beach, The Pass, Byron Bay. Learning to surf is so much like learning to run a business. When you finally do learn how to hold your position on the board, you can start having a lot of fun. It’s worth all the effort paddling against the forces of nature to claim the ultimate high, an exhilarating ride powered purely by Source. Every now and then, you get completely wiped out but the trick is to keep getting back on every time you fall off and to never ever give up.  I gleaned 5 tips to help you surf your business with greater ease while I was out there facing my fears.

  1. Have the courage to face your fears.  Fear of sharks, making a fool of yourself, drowning and fear of being wiped out and annihilated can stop you from claiming the ultimate prize: a coveted and thrilling ride boosted by Source. Fear is a perfectly normal response generated from our reptilian brain to protect us from harm. It holds us up from living a life on purpose when it stops us from making the decision to stretch out of our comfort zone. Leaders choose to see, feel and create their compelling future despite their fears. Facing the fact that the fear might always be there and that you can carry on with your sacred mission anyway is a must if you want to grow and expand your business.
  2. Follow simple and proven step by step processes to achieve mastery. I used to think surfing was a mystery until I learned that even the most complex elements can be chunked down into easy manageable steps. To stand and actually ride a wave requires you to position your body through a series of calculated movements before the magic actually happens. Similarly, in business, you can avoid overwhelm by breaking tasks into bite-sized pieces or 20 minute chunks. Even though some people look as though they are literally creating magic effortlessly in their businesses, they are generally following step-by-step proven systems which work. There’s a time and a place for magical thinking and dreaming but don’t avoid the pragmatic framework. Get help from people who can teach you the systems.
  3. Start with the Outcome in Mind. When you’re riding a wave, you need to keep your eyes focussed in the direction you want to head. If you make the mistake of looking around at what anyone else is doing, or glancing over to the side, you start to detour from your intended destination pretty quickly causing you to lose your balance. Stay focussed on your destination and be clear on where you’re heading! Set a conscious intention each and every day around what you would like to achieve.
  4. Position Yourself at the Centre. If you are perfectly positioned at the centre of the surfboard, you are better able to handle the wobbles and unsteadiness which are an inevitable part of taking on nature. Taking the Leadership Role and being the Leading Lady at the centre of your business requires you to be 100% responsible for everything you create. This includes your relationships with colleagues, employees, systems, results and the soul of your business. Put yourself back in charge. Your business is an extension of who you are and will always reflect back to you what you need to know about whether you have been an effective communicator (or not!).  That’s why your business can be seen as a profound vessel for your spiritual growth and learning. Remain centred and be certain of what you are standing for. Or get help to define your values so you are unstoppable in your commitment to serving your values. Book in for your free complimentary discovery session now. (?link to timetrade calender see links at end)
  5. Be prepared for Lift Off. There’s a moment when you are paddling furiously to catch a wave. When the wave finally starts to gain momentum, there is often a moment when you wonder if you’ll make it or not. Will the wave peter out or will it carry on without you or will you simply be dumped and left behind? The feeling of utter exhilaration when the wave lifts and carries you is indescribable. It is certainly worth the fear, sweat and exertion you’ve put in. Business tends to happen in waves. Expansion and contraction are an inevitable cycle of any woman’s life at work. Just remember that the effort and the wonder are all natural aspects of any business and there are rewards waiting for those who persist on their course and ride out the cycles and the ups and downs with faith and trust.
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