How to Live (in the Question)

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Living in the question can be a powerful way of living that enables you to stay open to the infinite possibilities of your life and your life’s work and business.

Instead of coming to the conclusion that something is as it is, making a practice of asking powerful questions gives you freedom of possibility. Living in the question opens you up to so many different perspectives that may not have been available to your awareness before.

Your subconscious mind loves to know that you have choices available to you in any one moment. A minimum of 5-7 different pathways of choice will lead the subconscious mind towards freedom, possibility and hope. Where your awareness only points to one or two possibilities of choice this is a sure-fire way leading to depression and anxiety as it leads to feeling stuck, confused and suffocated by the lack of available possibilities.

Asking powerful questions is the hallmark of good coaching.

Asking the right questions can be liberating. It can rally you into action and can make all the difference in your outcome.

High quality questions are ones which inspire you where-as low quality questions will pull you down to less choice and less openness.

Some examples of low quality questions –

  • ‘why me?’
  • ‘why am I always struggling?’

And a universal favourite

  • ‘how come they all look so happy all the time (on Facebook)?’

Some examples of high quality questions

  • ‘What’s right about this that I’m not getting?’
  • ‘How do I do what I love in ways that are sustainable and economically viable?’
  • ‘How do I create the most extraordinary win-win for me and _____?’
  • ‘How do I need to think about this in order to be successful at it?’
  • ‘Who do I need to be to meet my beloved?’

Lately, high quality questions have got me pondering on the possibilities of meeting someone to share my life with. I’ve had an awareness that in the past I’ve asked some god-awful questions which didn’t supply many inspiring answers in regards to meeting someone special, such as –

  • ‘why are all the good men taken?’
  • ‘how could I possibly fit someone into my busy life, business and raising kids?’
  • ‘why is this area full of men who are spiritual but not masculine? Why can’t a man be both?’

Considering we put questions out into the ether like small homing pigeons, it’s no wonder our reality shapes itself in perfect answer to the questions we ask. ‘All the good men are taken because…’, ‘you can’t possibly squeeze someone into a busy life because…’, ‘all the spiritual men are clearly not manly enough so don’t even consider them…’

Being aware of better quality questions can really change the answers drastically. In relation to my personal life, I’m becoming more conscious of asking ‘who do I need to be to meet an amazing, high quality, intelligent man?’, ‘what do I need to think, feel and do in order to meet my perfect match?’ ‘what do I need to ask, discover and believe in order to be happy in a relationship with my forever guy?’

My reality (and my subconscious mind) is now shaping itself around providing answers to those questions.. ‘I need to be an amazing, high-quality and intelligent woman’, ‘I need to feel worthy, beautiful, know that I’m enough’, ‘I need to believe that there’s someone perfect for me, whose looking for me right now.’

Using high quality questions to find your soul purpose and to rock your business can make all the difference in your state of wellbeing, your sustainability and your results.

I’ll leave you with a good one!

‘What do you need to think, feel and believe to know that you are so worthy of love, success, abundance and a deeply fulfilling soul purpose that fills you with gratitude every single day?’

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  1. Caroline Cowley on April 14, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    Love this blog edition!! I have had the amazing fortune to be on the receiving end of some of your very powerful questions (as a client of your life coaching). I am a first hand witness to the incredible effect of simply asking the right questions – even just phrasing them in a more constructive, open and positive way, as opposed to a dead-end kind of fore-gone conclusion kind of way… and completely turning your life around, as far as gaining new perspectives on where the opportunities are in your life, and how to strategically move forward. Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome” (or words to that effect!). Thanks Lisa for your amazing insights…. <3

    • Lisa on April 15, 2014 at 6:46 am

      hi Caroline, so lovely to see you here and thanks for stopping by with your words of wisdom and kindness. I love Einstein’s quotes – it’s gorgeous of you to take time to comment! All those questions – wow look at what is happening in your amazing life right now and you’re a true testament to the power of this work and a shining light in the world. Namaste xx

  2. Sarah Broadfoot on April 15, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Any good journalist will tell you that the key to a great interview is asking the right questions. It only makes sense that this theory can be applied to life in general – clarity is always important. Great post.

    • Lisa on May 3, 2014 at 5:08 am

      Thanks so much Sarah, you’re so right about the clarity being important! xx

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