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01There is nothing more empowering than the moment you realise you can lead your heart-centred business in the direction you choose. Your most powerful leadership qualities as a woman come when you are leading from your heart. These qualities come from you being in divine alignment with your soul purpose and when you make decisions which honour your unique gifts and talents. It is so much easier to face the inevitable challenges which arise in business when you have the conviction that you are on a path that is right from you and ignites and inspires you.

Here’s the thing. So many women know exactly why they are in their businesses. They have eagerly embraced their business with a deep knowing that it was a reflection of their inner genius and heart-felt, unique contribution. They’ve been told that once they find their purpose, things flow from there and they’ll be provided for. Yet they have found themselves sitting in despair because they are finding the business isn’t providing for them as they had hoped it would. They even start to question whether they are being true to their purpose because things are so challenging. They might even think about giving it all up as a dream. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Holistic business support coaching is designed to assist you to build both the feminine and masculine structures (I call these your East and West poles). When these two poles are in balance and you’re in alignment with your purpose (your North pole), you are literally able to soar. Underpinning your success are your self-care rituals which allow you to sustainably build a thriving business whilst keeping physically well (this is the final piece in the equation, the South pole). Let’s face it, the most successful business in the world is hardly going to be a success if you’re not physically well.

This week I’m inviting you to levitate your holistic heart-centred business with me in my 120 Days to Levitation program.

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