How to Get Out of Overwhelm

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This is such an exciting time to be alive! We are entering The Age of Transformation where everything is shifting and changing. While some would say there are many negative changes, we can choose to stay open to so many exciting and positive developments that are taking place on the planet today.

Being in overwhelm is one of the most common dilemmas I hear from clients.  We are saturated with information and things to do. As the Age of Information evolves into the Age of Transformation, traditional ways of operating are no longer working. Patriarchal structures are failing. The new order is a move towards a more feminine way of being: in the workplace and at home. True transformation occurs when we start integrating, embodying and accessing the information that has become readily available to us through new technologies to effect empowering changes in our lives.

It’s important to learn how to get out of overwhelm as it affects our nervous system. When we interpret stress, it triggers the sympathetic nervous system response. This is taxing on our bodies, as our blood flows into our limbs to get us ready for a fight or flight situation. The blood flows away from our digestive system and abdominal organs, so that our digestion, fertility and immunity are all compromised. Overwhelm serves to scatter our focus and reduce our productivity. This state is the equivalent of trying to drive a car at 1000km per hour in first gear. It wears us out.

In the Age of Transformation, less is more. We are able to relax into the flow of life and let the alpha brainwave state guide us gently towards whole brain learning. We allow. We stay open to what is. We don’t have to go into struggle. In the Age of Transformation, we drop into the wisdom that comes from combining our deep bone wisdom with the information we have gathered from the Age of Information. We listen to our bodies.

For eons, women have been encouraged to disconnect from their body wisdom, to view the body as shameful and to suppress or deny desire. More recently, the media has flaunted and sexualised young women and cheapened feminine power through easy thrills. However, the Age of Transformation is providing a world where women can rise into positions of literacy, economic and domestic power that has have never been available before in history. We’ve still got a way to go, but the signs and stirrings are undeniable. We have unprecedented opportunities to self determine and lead our own way into extraordinary ways of being.

This week when you are faced with a decision, I invite you to slip into stillness and feel into your truth. What is true for you will feel light in your body. What is false will feel heavy. If you’re struggling to make a decision, book your free complimentary coaching session.

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