Are You Being Honest With Yourself {Open Now – Must Read}

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Are you being honest with yourself?

I mean really, what does it mean to be true to yourself anyway?

Does it mean leaving your current job?

Or does it mean letting go of your current relationship?

Does it mean believing in yourself and taking action on your deeply held, often secret desires and dreams so that they can become a reality?

You only get one precious life.

How will you choose to honestly live it?

This week I’m honoured to share an article by the beautiful Kristal Brown from Positive Peeps which sums up the power of mastering your own intuition – so that you can finally step into your truth with with no apologies. Sometimes being true to yourself means slaying the demons of low self belief and accepting that you’ve been given your ‘truth’ for good reasons – because it’s leading you towards making the world a better place. Kristal has been co-creating her amazing businesses Positive Peeps and The Holistic Project alongside her extraordinary and challenging roles of motherhood and mother-to-be. I consistently admire her determination which dances so happily alongside her deeply feminine nature.

It’s a delight to share Kristal’s wisdom with you.  She has taught me so much in the time we’ve known each other and I’m so grateful for her presence here this week. Don’t forget to check out the gorgeous array of positive gifts which make amazing Christmas presents for your loved ones at

Master of my own intuition

By Kristal Brown

If I could personify self-belief, she would be a friend I’d keep close, and an enemy I’d keep closer. As much as she befriends me, positively, to trust in my potential and my capabilities, one of her less appealing traits is withdrawal. I’d love to share with you how my lack of self-belief became my ultimate betrayal, and how I overcame it to reclaim my birth-rightful path of empowered female entrepreneur.

I always felt like there was more to me than just a creative young woman stifled by egos and beige walls in an office environment – hopping from job to job promising herself that satisfaction was just around the corner. I was always saying “yes,” striving up the rungs of the corporate ladder and looking for my purpose through other people. I’d go home and dream. I’d have my epiphanies, write my poetry and affirmations, pen my invention ideas, and start researching “the book within”. I grew up with my parents always telling me to dream big, and had always held that reflective vision for myself from an early age. I thought my after-work musings were enough creative fodder for me – a side salad to my appetising, but not very hearty, day job. But they weren’t. The result was a feeling of dissatisfaction, wasted time, victimisation (poor meL) and a fear of always being left behind, or worse, simply staying in the same spot.

One day, I had an idea (which is not unusual for me!). I acknowledged my strong urge to be of more service to people; to contribute on a grander scale. I went to bed with this one particular idea and woke up the next morning thinking about. The next day, it defied one-night-stand status, and before I knew it, days and weeks had passed thinking about, mapping out, developing and channeling it. The idea was compiling themed gift packs of books and cds that would help to inspire people through times of challenge and change, through fears and self-doubts, through sickness and on the journey to better health. Looking back, the idea to offer support to others by creating these positive gift packs was a reflection of my own longed-for healing to occur. And so affirmational product store and blog was born.

I never shunned my intuition, calling me forward to create these positive toolkits as one embodiment of how I could better serve others, but I remained nervous. Considering I was in the field of corporate communications, and not a life coach or psychologist, it was really the only way I knew how I could affect change with the skills set I had. However, it took five years of relentless badgering from my inner voice for me to take action beyond thoughts and words to see the idea birthed – simultaneously to the birth of my daughter – into what it is today.

One major obstacle that stood in the way of pursuing my calling was my abovementioned pal, self-belief. She just wasn’t around. So I made excuses for myself – “now’s not the right time, I don’t have the start-up funds, why would anyone take my recommendations?” For a long time I struggled with the perception that having no formal recognition or accreditation in the health and wellbeing field meant I couldn’t confidently move forward in the direction of dreams – I felt I was a phony. It was a risk to move away from what I knew, and let’s face it, uncertainty about how you are going to be received is scary. So what do you do when your ego creates potholes in the path of your purpose? You retreat. My white flag was up. I never doubted that I could do it, but I felt I needed to be more than I was, someone better than who I was. I started researching courses I could take; Masters’ degrees I could adapt; practitioners I could study under; coaches I could hire. I started exploring alternative therapies and practices for direction – kinesiology, Reiki, meditation, Qi Gong, card readings, crystal shops, organic supermarkets! Anywhere and anything that could help me feel validated.

I near drove my husband mad. What patience he had as my ego sent me on this crazy bum steer. I placed so much weight on industry qualifications equaling “the best and most trusted” myself that I assumed people would perceive me the same way. Even though I was proposing a product-based business, completely masked by a screen, I felt somehow people would see through me, judge me and ultimately reject me.

Why was this the case? Firstly, it was because I wanted to fully inject my whole self into my business but I was afraid to fully show up. The second aspect was not trusting my inner guidance system. It’s like the sat nav connected from the soul to our mind and bodies as vessels for moving forward. By not allowing my inner voice to guide, I fell into the trap of wishing I was more than I was, instead of acknowledging that all I needed was already inside of me.

Today, I hold myself completely accountable. As the first manifestation of my life purpose in business grows organically, and I honour the products I sell for choosing me to share their messages with my audience. I’m incredibly excited that my own product range is also coming soon. I recently launched my second business, inspiring events’ collaboration The Holistic Project, which also grows as my belly grows with my second baby. The process of nurturing business and babies is inextricably linked for me, and while I can’t bank on a third baby right now (eeek!), what I do know is that motherhood, pregnancy and birth will continue to be major influencing factors of my future entrepreneurial ventures.

Now, I am content with the thought of people seeing through me. I welcome them to stare, and poke and look for the light shining through the sheer that was once my veil. I invite them to investigate my transparency. Because what they’ll see, is someone who is showing up, confronting life, who is real, heady yet remains humble, with flaws and the beginnings of grey hairs, open and receptive, encouraging and empowered.

They’ll see I am the truest version of myself in this present moment because that is all I know. I hold intention for the future that I keep evolving on a path of learning and heightened awareness. My authenticity breeds abundance.

I am filled with purpose, love and excitement about the infinite possibilities that lay ahead of me. I no longer strive. And I don’t just survive. I thrive. Parallel to this journey to second-time motherhood is renewed belief in myself that the more goodness and gratitude I emit, the more life will keep delivering. Today I am completely confident in my ability to help others help themselves.

I am the master of my own intuition. While I remain studious, inquisitive and informed, I now fully respect that being guided by the wisdom of your intuition can take you places far beyond any textbook.

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Lisa Fitzpatrick


  1. Virginia on November 12, 2014 at 12:47 am

    That self-belief issue is so prevalent. I too procrastinate with your same reasons. I’m getting closer to bursting out, it will happen. It won’t take a baby for me ! (nearly 64). It’s a time thing now, how much longer can I postpone not sharing and evolving ?

  2. Helena on November 12, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Such an inspiring article! So proud to call this girl my friend and I have always known she was destined for big things! It’s people like Kristal who inspire others and who others look up to because she is the real deal, what you see is what you get. xx

    • Lisa on November 12, 2014 at 5:12 am

      Thanks Helena, it’s true – Kristal is a shining light and her words will keep rippling out to support and inspire so many people. I’m so happy to have you stopping by and thanks for your comment, with love, Lisa

  3. kelli on November 12, 2014 at 12:00 am

    Hi Lisa
    I loved this article and the topic is very near and dear to my heart, because I was not able to make real significant change in my life until I engaged in that honest reflection. It can be hard. The pain of facing it can seem greater than the pain we feel living a life that is not really true to us. We get good at rationalizing and convincing ourselves we are happier than we are. But, if we are willing to take that step, we will see this examination is not as painful as we feared. A huge shift can occur. Great stuff!

  4. Indigo on November 12, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Thanks for sharing your journey and encouragement. For me the switch from an externally focused life to one lived from center was the turning point in a life of sorrow. Now I can literally say that I do what I want every single minute of pretty much every single day, and that is the life spirit is always trying to create for all of us. We just have to learn to listen and follow.

    • Lisa on December 22, 2014 at 12:02 pm

      That’s so inspiring Indigo – I’m always so fascinated by people who turn their lives around and decide to take responsibility for tuning in and listening. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love Lisa

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