Have You Lost Your Sparkle? How to Find Your Jewel

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Have you been feeling a loss of sparkle lately? You’re not alone.

Many of my clients have come to coaching because their mojo went walk-about.

They want to find themselves again because they’re feeling lost amongst the maze of a to-do list which caters for everyone else but themselves and their deepest soul yearnings.

They’re feeling jaded because they thought they would have made the significant contribution they know they’re here to make ‘by now’.

01They feel they should be ‘further along’ on the path.

They feel like time has passed too quickly.

They are experiencing the side-effects of what the shamanic traditions call ‘soul loss’.  This has been so very eloquently and beautifully explored by the amazing Lissa Rankin, a former medical doctor turned writer who wrote ‘Mind over Medicine’.

Soul loss can show up in all sorts of ways. It includes feelings of disconnection, meaningless, lack of purpose, lack of abundance and poor energy levels.

The shamanic traditions believe this happens when we lose our connection to our spirituality through our creative rituals, dancing, laughing, sharing meals and being in spiritual service.

I listen to the soul speaking of its lament.

Souls don’t speak in the words, they speak in images, pictures, flashes of insight and inspiration, colours and textures.

When a soul has been injured or shut down, it will often create veils around it to stop it shining brightly like a jewel.

Using Neurolinguistic programming and 20 years of intuitive body sensing, therapy, I listen carefully, because there are many ways a jewel will need encouragement to shine.

One of my clients was walking around with a rather large shield – like black spider-web thickly coating the front of her torso.

Another was nursing a jelly-like grey mass right in the centre of her gut.

Yet another, had a thick, dense red square blocking her from heart to throat.

It takes careful observation and curiosity to find out how long these sensory impressions have been in place. Some of them have been there for eons and others are relatively new.

Conscious coaching reveals the messages that come forth from within. These messages are often startling – these shields, these blocks, these spiderwebs have so often been carefully put in place to protect you from the brilliance of your own power.

Part of the goal of taking clients through my soul purpose program is to see what jewel is buried underneath the many layers of conditioning and protection.

It usually comes down to just one gemstone, perhaps with a couple of partner gems alongside it.







These are some of the gems that have sparkled forth after being polished by the coaching sessions.

A woman arriving at her one ‘word’ after months of coaching can be a powerful thing to witness.

These gemstones are precious because they point a woman to her calling. They often represent some of her deepest, darkest challenges. However, if she stays faithful to the expression and realisation of her word, a woman will stay in alignment with her deepest truth and everything she does will resonates with the power of her word. The soul starts to shine again. Meaning returns. Vitality returns. Connection occurs.

For example, my jewel is HOPE.

This jewel has come from my experience of many dark nights of the soul, the deepest and darkest depressions imaginable and the unbearable lightness of being in the world as a sensitive, empathic and intuitive person.

It is almost a paradox that often what we thirst for the most in the world, is the very thing we have to offer as our greatest and most significant contribution to others. The irony is that the more we give our gift, the stronger our soul shines forth.

It’s why I so often hear from clients that they feel so much more hope, that they are hopeful or that they no longer feel hopeless after experiencing my jewel.

Finding your jewel and polishing it is not for the fainthearted. It requires courage and a degree of uncomfortableness, sometimes a lot of pain.

The result, however, is that the elusive sparkle comes back. It glimmers and glows with the new possibilities for your life. It has the power to literally revive you from your slumber.

Or from your deep soul loss.

It is a huge privilege to bear witness to a successful soul-shine.

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  1. Cindie Chavez on February 27, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    Hi Lisa,
    I love this term “soul-shine” and what a beautiful concept this is! So true that often the very thing we long for is the gift we have to offer, as I’ve also heard it said, “we teach what we need to learn”. Thank you for sharing this idea! 🙂 xo

    • Lisa on February 28, 2014 at 5:44 am

      Thank you Cindie, yes – it’s a great one to keep in mind – we teach what we need to learn and will often thirst for that which we would offer as our gift. So lovely to see you here x

  2. Karina Ladet on March 2, 2014 at 5:49 am

    This is so beautifully written and YES, it’s such a blessing to watch someone grow and shine again. It’s always right there, so close. Love, Karina

    • Lisa on March 2, 2014 at 1:16 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Karina, I really appreciate your comment and I totally agree – we are blessed to witness someone grow and shine. Love, Lisa

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