Goals for 2017

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This week, I’m sharing my proposed new desires, habits, and goals for 2017. It keeps me accountable when I share these things. Let me know if you have any of your own that you’d like to share too.

1.    To drink more water. My new habit will be to carry a 2 litre glass bottle of purified water with me where- ever I go and to drink it whenever I’m feeling tired or need a pep up instead of reaching for caffeine.

2.    To get out in the surf more with my sons. We love to surf but a spate of shark attacks in my local waters, have spooked me these past 2 summers. My new habit is to check the surf more regularly in the mornings and to plan more of my days around going for a surf while the weather is warm.

3.    To get more cardiovascular exercise. I’ve been going to the local indoor pool and thrashing out 50 laps most mornings throughout 2016. This year I’m going to make a habit of increasing my speed for at least half of these laps to make sure I get a good cardiovascular workout. There is nothing that gives me a better high than feeling every cell in my body coming to life in the water.

4.    To get back on my yoga mat regularly. My poor yoga mat got neglected in 2015. My new habit will be to spend consistent quality time stretching and sitting with the luxury of stillness and silence in meditation before my working day starts and before I reach for my phone and to-do list.

5.  To keep attracting and serving the most inspiring, caring, spiritually minded, conscientious, high-achieving and intelligent women coaching clients at Sacred Women’s Business. To provide the highest quality coaching that money can buy, to transform lives and businesses for the better and to remain committed to the highest possible outcomes for my clients. My new habit will be to listen with an open heart and to keep developing my coaching and questioning skills.

6.  To stay open and connected to my sons. My new habit (and reinforcing an old one) will be to sit down at the table for dinner with my boys every night and to keep an open mind and listen with my heart to their life stories.

7.  To take my sons traveling. We have planned a trip to Vietnam in April and one to far north Queensland in September. My new habit will be to keep writing out and planning our itinerary so that we can focus on enjoying it effortlessly when it happens.

8.   To finish renovating my yard. A new patio and verandah roof, a facelift for my front yard and a hanging garden… My new habit will be to visualise it unfolding and taking shape with ease and to feel a sense of expanding beauty in my home.

9.  To spend quality time with my love. We have made the 6 month mark and I am happily surrendering to a great, satisfying and beautiful love affair. My new habit will be to practice gratitude every day for calling this wonder in to my life.

10.  To increase my income by 25% from 2016. I’ve had a wonderful, abundant and satisfying year in 2016 and I plan on steady but sustainable growth for my business in 2017. My new habit will be to keep tracking my income and to continue to engage with my money coaches, book-keeper and financial planner to make sure I stay accountable and on track.

I’d so love to hear more about your desires, intended habits and goals for 2017. Please share in the comments section on the blog or press reply and email me. My biggest desire as a coach is to see your desires coming to fruition in 2017.

PS: There’s still time for you to apply for coaching in 2017 but I’m almost at my full quota until April. Email me at lisa@lisafitzpatrick.com.au if you’d like support.

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Goals for 2017

Solo Parenting Support is Here!

Sacred Women’s Business is proud to contribute an article to this month’s Lift Magazine for single mums. Some great support and advice for single mums contained in here. Unfortunately, it’s the final edition of the magazine, but full of love and helpful care for you on your sole parenting journey.

Goals for 2017
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