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Get Hot and Healthy

Want to Get Hot and Healthy?

Get Hot and Healthy

It was a pleasure to be on Nicole Van Hattem’s ‘Hot and Healthy’ podcast recently.

We talked about all things related to the feminine leadership journey.

We also got juicy and personal, and I shared about my journey from struggling single mum to empowered women’s coach. Nicole also shared a few things I didn’t know about her journey from corporate success to health coach.

There’s something really special about connecting with other women on the entrepreneurial path and realising that there are some common struggles we all face.

  • The struggle to find the courage to believe in our dreams
  • The challenge to be true to your soul’s calling
  • The risk that it takes to leave certainty in pursuit of your heart’s desires
  • The strength that it takes to be honest with yourself even when it’s inconvenient for others to hear your truth
  • Admitting that you’re allowed to like diamonds and you can still follow your heart


I met Nicole a couple of years ago, when we were very fortunate to be part of a wonderful collaboration called Manifesting in High Heels – secret rituals to achieve success. Our book became an Amazon best-seller and it was a turning point for Sacred Women’s Business Coaching. Now, she can help you get Hot and Healthy!

We had a lot of fun being invited to be part of this book alongside 27 other fabulous women, initiated by the wonderful Christine Marmoy.

When women come together and work side-by-side, extraordinary magic is possible.

I’d love to hear what you think of the podcast. You can post your comments below.

P.S.: I have just a few signed copies of this book left and I’m not planning to replenish my supplies any time soon (although you can still order from Amazon). Let me know if you’d like me to pop one in the post for you – they’re $35 AUD (including postage) anywhere in the world. Email me at


There’s only a few sleeps to go (and less than a handful of tickets left)  until the St George Banking Group 2016 AusMumpreneur Awards and Conference. Are you joining us?

I’d Love To See You There!

Find Out More Here


This week, I had the honour of playing MC at the graduation ceremony for The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training held at Coorabell Hall. Over 60 guests were treated to a memorable 4 course vegan meal, capped by the most incredible chai vegan wedding cake.

Two years ago, my friend and client, Veet Karen Hedley, shared her dream of creating The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle training. To see the immense amount of passion, dedication, conviction and hard work that goes into making a dream a reality behind the scenes is so humbling. It’s no wonder Veet has so many raving fans.

People flew from places as far away as Perth to be vegan chefs and not compromise on their ethics (chef trainings typically require prep and cutting of meat). In true north coast style, our vegetarian Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson came and gave out the certificates. It was so awesome and such an honour to be able to celebrate Veet, who is one of the best clients Sacred Women’s Business could have had the privilege to work with.

Sacred Women’s Business congratulates Veet on her pioneering effort, her conviction and her extraordinary determination that made her dream a reality and to all of the students who graduated. That delectable meal will be remembered for a long time.

Check out Veet’s awesome work here:

The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training graduates with
Veet Karen Hedley (fourth from the right)
Image credit: Cheryl Styles

Chai Vegan Cake
Image credit: Cheryl Styles

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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