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If you’re anything like me then I know you love your business, your work and your clients. But as heart-centred, spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission we sometimes neglect to take care of ourselves and check in with our bigger vision.


My super fun and cool mentor  Amanda Moxley is LIVING the dream… In just 12 months she’s skyrocketed to a six figure income while taking care of her two beautiful babes (Sawyer and Phoebe) spending her free time hiking, biking and skiing with her husband and soul mate Johnn. AND she’s moving her whole family and biz to Hawaii for three months, to enjoy the sun sea and stunning scenery.

She’s sharing all the juicy secrets on how YOU can do this too in her upcoming video series “Your Step By Step Blueprint To A Biz That’s Profitable, Portable and Playful!

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Learn from Amanda’s experience! She has been my secret weapon in business and one of the key reasons I was able to pursue and actualise my dream of having a coaching practice I love.

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