Finding Your Calling in 2014

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Part of finding your purpose in life is in trusting that it is calling out to you all the time. It calls to you when you’re in your deepest depression and funk. It calls to you when you’re boiling the kettle and when you’re running late for work. It calls you when you’re having fun and when you’re bone weary.

Quiet Not Sexy

It calls with a small, quiet voice and sometimes it doesn’t lead you in the sexy, glamorous or glittery direction you hoped for. However, you can bet it will feel much better on the inside and may well lead to a more extraordinary outcome than you initially expected.  Your purpose sometimes doesn’t appear on a well-worn path. It could be a whole new frontier. If you’re taking the road less travelled, you can guarantee there won’t be a golden yellow brick road signposting your way. Many women attracted to Sacred Women’s Business are pioneers. You are leaders of the new feminine economy. You won’t see a well worn path ahead because you are forging new ways of being in business and new ways of living your purpose. There are some women stepping out to lead this new world, but they are few. You sometimes might feel like you’re the only one who feels the shift to this new way of being. I can guarantee you that you are not alone. Just remember – the voice that guides you is small and quiet. It needs stillness to make itself known. It doesn’t have the flashy exterior bling bling features that make it stand out like the neon lights of Vegas. It is a more gentle, sweeter and subtle call. Get still enough, regularly enough, and you will hear it.

Sweet Surrender to Struggle

You can’t make the process of finding your calling happen by forcing your will upon it, struggling, striving, pushing or heaving a heavy weight of ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ upon it. It requires a deep surrender into the flow of life and that surrender often brings up fear of complete annihilation for the ego. Think of your story so far. What has been your biggest struggle? Think about your struggle in relation to the ancient initiation ceremonies of Indigenous Australians. Initiation rites usually consist of a series of tests. If an initiate cannot endure the pain of these tests, they can’t be trusted with the secrets of the tribe. Initiation permits one to access profound knowledge and share in ancestral wisdom. Your greatest struggle is also your greatest gift and provides you with important clues as to your purpose in life. Your struggle is your initiation. Granted, I get that it has been painful but it makes you trustworthy, wise and experienced enough to say – look at what I have learned. Now you can use what you’ve learned to help others – if you’re not ashamed of sharing your story. Trust that your story is unfolding as it should be. Never be ashamed of what you have discovered through life’s challenges. Use your story to inspire others. Your story of struggle shows you where your ideal tribe is, who you will be most fulfilled to live in service with and for.


Your calling is a deep bone wisdom. It is something that permeates your body. Your body will tell you when you are on or off course. Sometimes it feels as though we’re way off course entirely, especially when we are facing challenges with our mind-body interface in the form of relationship conflict, mental health challenges, illness, sexuality issues and a slew of other possible disharmonies. The interesting thing is, these events form part of your story. Sometimes these challenges are the very things that align you to your purpose. Your body will keep sensing and guiding you forward. Now is the time to have faith that something greater than you is sending you into the fire of initiation. When the story unfolds as it must, you become a key witness in the testimony to your own initiation. As a witness, you will eventually become a neutral party in this testimony, however, hopefully you’ll carry just a touch of fire in your belly to make a stand for justice. That will make you a fine ambassador for your cause. Your body knows which way to go. Trust this is so.

Being Crackers

Sometimes when you’re following your truth, it feels like you’re going totally crackers. The fear kicks in and pleads, please stop challenging the status quo. The fire gets hotter and you feel like scuttling back into the old world that held you in a familiar but dysfunctional way. Many women have been silenced with the belief that they should be meeker and milder and that if they present challenges to the status quo, they will become unpopular. Studies have shown that powerful women in business are often seen as being hard whereas the same qualities in men are seen as trustworthy. It’s little wonder that it feels crazy to step outside the dominant paradigm. Yet we must. Now is the time to know that there is nothing that needs to be fixed in you. You are perfect, whole and complete beyond the contrasts of light and dark and beyond the dualities and polarities that make up each and every one of us. You are not alone in your suffering or struggles neither. For those of you who are facing challenges which seem insurmountable, I salute your courage and bravery. You are feeling fear because you are at the edge of your current understanding about how things are and how things ‘should be’. It’s a place where a new understanding, a new revelation about yourself and life must be born. Otherwise, you’d stay stagnating inside the known world never knowing what you’re truly capable of.

It always surprises me how many women come for soul purpose coaching already knowing their purpose. They usually know exactly what their particular anointments are. They know where they shine and where they lose track of themselves inside their genius. However, they’ve let the fear win. The fear of what it means to step into a new life, the fear of what it means to ‘come out’ and be visible in new ways. Coaching can be a perfect accountability exercise for overcoming your fear. For taking some big, or maybe even small steps, beyond the comfort zone.

It’s Like Your Pet

Your purpose is like your pet. It is so unconditionally loveable and suited to you. You feel blessed by it and you look forward to seeing it, feeling it and hearing it every day. However, it needs plenty of water and exercise to thrive. It needs rules and pragmatic structure too. Too many conscious women entrepreneurs are fabulously competent in the feminine art of dreaming, intuiting, creating and vocalising their purpose. Yet they haven’t put some basic rules in place and the masculine structures that would make their purpose into a sustainable, viable business. Coaching can help you to define the rules of your business based on a combination of replicating the rules that have been successful for other businesses just like the one you’re in (or dream of being in). There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. What works for Golden Retrievers will work for Golden Retrievers but not Mini Poodles. You need a coach to help you define your rules and lay down your pragmatic structures so that you can truly thrive and deliver your gifts and anointments in ways that only you know how.

Never give up. For those of you who are in a position to give, make 2014 your year for giving your special gifts of healing, art, writing, poetry, spiritual teaching, photography, coaching, singing and entertaining. Don’t wait another moment for your North star to become your guiding light – the world is waiting for your special talents.

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  1. Sophie on January 7, 2014 at 11:05 am

    You have a really inspiring way of writing. While I’ve found my calling, I still get occasionally tripped up by fear, like you said. It’s something I definitely plan on working on in 2014

    • Lisa on January 7, 2014 at 8:26 pm

      Thanks Sophie, it’s a worthy thing to be working on in 2014 – busting through your fear myths and moving forward fearlessly. I wish you every blessing for 2014! Namaste, Lisa

    • Lisa on February 28, 2014 at 5:47 am

      Thanks so much Sophie, it’s lovely to see you here and I hope you have busted through those fear barriers! x

  2. Alenka on January 7, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    really. very thoughtful and inspiring.. and I love analogy with dogs, it’s so much easier to understand:) thank you for your uplifting message. Love, Alenka

    • Lisa on January 7, 2014 at 8:30 pm

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments Alenka, it’s lovely to see you here. May 2014 be full of love and guidance for you. Namaste, Lisa

  3. Sabine Schroeder on January 7, 2014 at 11:38 am

    Such wonderfully inspiring thoughts to take into this new year. Thank you Lisa. I will be listening out for what my calling requires of me.

    • Lisa on January 7, 2014 at 8:29 pm

      Thanks Sabine, I’m certain you’ve got a great year ahead of you full of new adventures and new beginnings. I’m sending you much love and the sweetest blessings ahoy – may all your special gifts carry you through, Namaste girlfriend 🙂

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