How to Make a Fierce Feminine Stand for Your Life

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Thanks for being here and a huge warm welcome to all of you including the new members who subscribed this week. You are unconditionally loved, accepted and free to be you here. This is a place where my deepest conviction and commitment is to you being on your Highest Path.

Did you know that The Sacred Women’s Business Logo was created to represent you:  busy, conscious and awake woman? The gold hummingbirds represent the forever-busy, humming and thriving world that we live in. I can practically hear you all humming, carrying about the sacred business of being a woman on the planet today. The shield represents my commitment to you. Sacred Women’s Business makes a fierce and determined stand for you and for your Divine Feminine right to have work that honours you and a life that thrives. At Sacred Women’s Business, we are spiritual warriors with a heart-centred shield, asserting a fierce feminine stand for your right to have wonderful, satisfying, whole-some, passionate, exciting and abundant work that you love.  The heart at the centre of the shield represents the vulnerability and unconditional love that upholds everything we stand for. The blue ribbon underpinning our logo represents the steadfast soul contract we make towards assisting you to find your voice (your unique purpose and your unique soul contract and your personal expression). There is no one alive who has the same voice as you or the same creative expression. We celebrate and salute you for being individual, for being unique and for being a trail-blazer. You are a natural leader because of your willingness to strive and align with your version of the divine, to take a road less travelled. We believe that when you are in full alignment with your purpose, you become a magnet to others, an inspiration to other women and your life feels abundant like a multi-faceted gemstone.

This week I invite you to join me on a sacred 6 week coaching process, my signature program ‘Finding Your Divine Feminine Purpose and Leadership Style’. This is perfect for you if you are at a crossroads in your career and could do with some guidance to help get clear on your unique strengths. If you are struggling with self-doubt after being a stay-at-home mum and the workforce is beckoning, or you want to quit your soul sucking job to pursue work that makes your heart sing, I can help you gain clarity on your next important steps to reclaim your freedom to choose the life of your dreams. There are only 3 spots left for 1:1 coaching with me so spring into action now before they’re taken.

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